Elite Season 3 is already confirmed but when is it likely to come out?

Itzan Escamilla, Mina El Hammani, and newcomer Claudia Salas in Elite Season 2.
Itzan Escamilla, Mina El Hammani, and newcomer Claudia Salas in Elite. Pic credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes/Netflix

Elite Season 3 was already confirmed before the show returned to Netflix over the weekend for its second instalment — bringing back the intrigue and mystery to the upper-class high school Las Encinas.

The show, which features complex character building and a story that rivals American shows like Riverdale, sets up new stakes in the second season as well as a strange disappearance for a certain character.

But with how the season unfolds, what might happen in the confirmed third season and when can Netflix viewers expect it? Here is everything to know about Season 3 of Elite and the release date for the show.

What is Elite Season 2 about? What does it mean for Season 3?

Season 2 of Elite brings back major characters from the first like Samuel (or Samu), Lu, Guzman, Omar, and so many more. In addition, they have new characters such as Lu’s half-brother Valerio and a new student named Rebeca who has moved into Guzman and Marina’s old home.

Spoiler warning for Season 1 and 2: In the sophomore season of Elite, the show picks up after the tragic events of Marina’s death and Samuel’s brother Nano being framed for her murder by Carla, Christian, and Polo. This time, though, Samu has come around to believing his brother’s innocence and plans to take everyone down who killed Marina and put his brother in jail.

There’s also a shocking reveal at the end of episode 1 that Samu has gone missing and a search party is out looking for him. To make matters worse, Christian has been severely injured by Carla’s father because he attempted to rat out Carla and Polo for covering it up.

What we will eventually discover is Samu and Guzman conceived the idea of his disappearance to make Carla cave and reveal the truth about Polo murdering Marina. But unfortunately, Cayetana owed Polo for saving her from being expelled, so she hid the murder weapon, which gave the police no evidence to hold him. The end of Season 2 shows Polo returning to school and everyone angered by his release.

Needless to say, this isn’t the end for Polo and will surely see his demise in Season 3…hopefully.

When will Elite Season 3 release on Netflix?

Given the historical release dates of each of the past seasons — Season 1 being released October 2018 and Season 2 released on September 2019 — one can guess that Elite Season 3 should drop between September and November of 2020.

With the third season already confirmed, there are plenty of reasons to look forward to the next chapter of Elite.

Elite Season 2 is streaming on Netflix now.

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