Netflix’s Elite has been renewed for Season 5

The Spanish drama Elite has officially been renewed for a fifth season. Fans are surprised by this news as Season 4 still hasn’t premiered on the streaming platform.  What is Elite?  Constantly compared to the likes of Gossip Girl, the Netflix series Elite takes place at a wealthy private school in Spain. The series follows


Elite Season 4 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out on Netflix?

Elite might be one of the most melodramatic and sexy teen dramas on Netflix. Elite a Netflix original series from Spain, takes place at an elite high school called Las Encinas. Almost all the students in the school are part of wealthy families, except for three working-class kids admitted after their school collapsed. The class


Rebeca on Elite Season 2: Who is actress Claudia Salas?

With another school year, comes another year of no drama and peace among all teenagers, right? Yeah, right! And if you attend Las Encinas, there’s a zero percent chance of a teen murdering you and covering it up. This year brings a fresh batch of casting additions to the ferocious elitist school. One of these


Elite Season 3 is already confirmed but when is it likely to come out?

Elite Season 3 was already confirmed before the show returned to Netflix over the weekend for its second instalment — bringing back the intrigue and mystery to the upper-class high school Las Encinas. The show, which features complex character building and a story that rivals American shows like Riverdale, sets up new stakes in the