Elite Season 2 soundtrack: What are the songs that are featured and where can the music be found?

Jorge Lopez, Álvaro Rico, Miguel Bernardeau, and Arón Piper from Elite Season 2.
Jorge Lopez, Álvaro Rico, Miguel Bernardeau, and Arón Piper from Elite on Netflix. Pic credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes/Netflix

With Elite Season 2 hitting the Netflix platform this weekend, the next chapter has fans asking many questions. Such as will Carla and the boys get caught for their crimes and will Lu ever be a nice person? Probably a zero chance of the latter happening.

But among all the fan speculation, many have noticed the latest outing has a killer soundtrack to accompany the social teen commentary and mystery of the Netflix drama series.

Luckily for Elite fans, we have done the homework and provided a full list of the songs from Season 2 and how to find them. Here is a complete list of the music below.

What are the songs from Elite Season 2?

The vast array of artists from Elite Season 2 includes names such as UNKLE, Swedish House Mafia, The Vaccines, and so many more. Whether it’s a somber moment for a character or the kids of Las Encinas are throwing a wicked rager, all the tracks set the tone for the teen spirit of the show. Here is the full list of songs that are known.

Songs from Season 2, Episode 1:

  • Night Panda, Krigarè – Twisted Games (Also heard in the trailers for season one)
  • Lasai & Octopvs To The Party – Do That
  • Olly Anna – Turn It Up
  • Jack Back – Sometimes (It Happens)
  • Clooney – We Are The Party People
  • Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound
  • John Maus – Hey Moon

Songs from Season 2, Episode 2:

  • Motorama – No More Time
  • MHD – AFRO TRAP Part.7 (La Puissance)
  • Joan Thiele -Armenia

Songs from Season 2, Episode 3:

  • Conchita Velasco – Con Nada Se Puede Ser Feliz
  • Kimberley Tell – Lo Que No Me Dices
  • The Vaccines – All My Friends Are Falling In Love
  • AURORA – Queendom
  • La Casa Azul – Los Chicos Hoy Saltarán A La Pista
  • Zaraha – Con Las Ganas (Versión 2019)

Songs from Season 2, Episode 4:

  • REYKO – Spinning Over You
  • Pierre Mottron – Indecent
  • Vitalic – Poison Lips
  • Breathe – Are You All Good?
  • Lexie Liu – Hat Trick

Songs from Season 2, Episode 5:

  • MULA – Nunca Paran
  • TheUnder & Robyn The Bank – You Don’t Wanna Play With Us
  • Aya Nakamura – DJadja
  • Danna Paola – Mala Fama
  • Ms Nina Feat. Beauty Brain – Tu Sicaria
  • Bad Gyal Feat. Jam City & Dubbel Dutch – Internationally

Songs from Season 2, Episode 6:

  • Zazo & Gxurmet Feat. Juanih South – En Busca De Ti
  • Menna – Moving On
  • Mottron – They Know
  • CUT_ – Out of Touch
  • Matt Maltese – I Hear The Day Has Come

Songs from Season 2, Episode 7:

  • Adam Naas – Fading Away
  • Fitness Forever – Dance Boys
  • AaRON – We Cut The Night
  • Vetusta Morla – Los Días Raros

Songs from Season 2, Episode 8:

  • DORA – Call Me Back
  • William Featherby – Digital Breakthrough
  • UNKLE Feat. Philip Sheppard & Liela Moss, Miink – Feel More/With Less

Where do I find the songs from Elite Season 2?

By just looking online, it’s hard to find a complete comprehensive playlist of all the songs listed above. However, the playlist below from Spotify by user likethats**t123 is the closet for a track-by-track list of songs. Here is that playlist:

The only two  tracks missing are ‘Pierre Mottron – Indecent’ and ‘Night Panda, Krigarè – Twisted Games.’ The track ‘Indecent’ isn’t online but the Youtube video for Twisted Games can be seen below.

Elite Season 2 is streaming on Netflix now.

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