Rebeca on Elite Season 2: Who is actress Claudia Salas?

Claudia Salas in Elite Season 2.
Claudia Salas in Elite Season 2. Pic credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes/Netflix

With another school year, comes another year of no drama and peace among all teenagers, right? Yeah, right! And if you attend Las Encinas, there’s a zero percent chance of a teen murdering you and covering it up.

This year brings a fresh batch of casting additions to the ferocious elitist school. One of these we discussed yesterday named Jorge Lopez, the other standout is Claudia Salas.

Will either of them feel a warm welcome from the pleasant class of Las Encinas? Probably not.

Salas has been the talk of the internet since the second season premiered, sparking curiosity about her career. Well, here is everything to know about newcomer Claudia Salas from Elite Season 2.

Who is actress Claudia Salas from Elite Season 2?

Much like her Chilean costar Jorge Lopez, her acting career has been rather short-lived, but there has been a lot of bang for its buck packed into her new role as a student on Elite’s second season.

She got her start on another lesser-known show The Plague, which is currently filming Season 2. Anyone who loves Shakespeare will appreciate the fact that Salas played Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She seems more than appropriate for that role. From Shakespeare to boxing, Salas seems like a gifted actress who is definitely climbing the talent ladder.

Though her IMDB credits are scarce, that is sure to change as Elite skyrockets in popularity worldwide. A unique casting choice because she is almost unknown, Salas nonetheless is a nearly perfect choice alongside a cast that is still finding themselves.

For a young woman whose name is soaring in popularity and mystique, it is interesting to note that her Instagram only has 114 posts, with a whopping 248,000 followers. Unsurprisingly, most of her photos have to do with her new role on Elite with a few family and friends thrown in for good measure.


More to Know About Claudia Salas and her character from Elite Season 2

Salas found herself in the role of Rebecca, a young woman who is still struggling to find her place in a school full of snobby and wealthy teenagers. Rebecca has found a friend in Samu, who is seeking vengeance for Mariana’s murder, and his brother’s wrongful conviction and jail time. She’s also moved into the old home of Guzman and now deceased Marina.

Ar a Madrid press conference for Elite, she was also described as “an outspoken  but stylish working-class girl who teaches Samu to box.” The young woman definitely has some spunk, and it is entirely possible she will help Samu find the revenge he so desperately desires. Whether or not she will be good or bad for him in the process of healing, grieving, and seeking to find the truth.

Regardless, her character seems to fit right into the ferocious atmosphere of the show and she is even able to hold her own against the vindictive nature of students like Lu. Thus, making Salas’s performance of Rebeca a worthy addition to the intense cast of Elite.

Elite Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.

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