Dance Moms stars ‘all being replaced’ for new season, Christi Lukasiak says

Chloe and Christi Lukasiak on the season finale of Dance Moms
Chloe and Christi Lukasiak on the season finale of Dance Moms

Dance Moms’ original stars could all be being replaced for a new season.

Christi Lukasiak, mom of dancer Chloe, said in an Instagram Live video over the weekend: “Everyone’s asking about next season of Dance Moms. It’s not gonna be us. They’re replacing all of us. You’ll get to have Abby and some new people.”

She also wrote a message along with a teaser for the show’s Season 7 finale today, saying: “The end of an era. Tune in at 8pm EST for our last episode of #dancemoms. It’s gonna be an emotional night ?.”

Her daughter Chloe said in her own post: “I’m so happy that I got to end #dancemoms on my terms and with my girls. Thank you to all the fans for your love and support though the years. ❤️.”

The International Business Times said they have reached out to the show’s network Lifetime but have not yet received a response about the replacement claims.

They also pointed to pictures back in July which showed Dance Moms executive producer Bryan Stinson with dance coach Tria Montgomery of OnStage Dance Academy of Cleveland, Tennessee.

However, he said in a comment on his own version of the post: “This show isn’t Dance Moms and not even close to being similar.”

But a post he put up a few days later showed a camera crew along with a message saying “Something big is happening… #dancemoms #sosharp.”

Christi commented on the post: “They are NOT Dance Moms.”

Abby Lee Miller is currently serving time in prison for financial crimes. She is expected to be released in May next year.

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The Dance Moms season finale airs tonight at 8/7c on Lifetime, followed by the premiere of Dance Moms: Abby’s Last Dance at 10/8c and Dance Moms: Chloe & Christi’s Encore at 11/10c.

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4 years ago

omg i wish i was on dance moms i wanna cry