Chicago P.D. spoilers: Is Burgess/Marina Squerciati leaving the show?

Burgess Chicago PD S9
Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess on the Season 9 Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: Art Streiber/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. spoilers address the future of Officer Kim Burgess (played by Marina Squerciati) on the show.

During the Chicago P.D. Season 8 finale, Burgess was in a bad spot after getting abducted, assaulted, and then shot. She survived the ordeal, barely, and was still in a hospital bed when the episode came to an end.

This has raised a lot of questions with Chicago P.D. fans about Burgess and if the actress that plays her will continue being a part of the cast.

We do have some answers about that situation as the Chicago P.D. season premiere gets closer on the NBC TV schedule.

Is Marina Squerciati leaving the Chicago P.D. cast?

It doesn’t look like Marina Squerciati is going anywhere. Some recent set photos from the show depict her character, Officer Kim Burgess, working in the field with Adam Ruzek. It is unclear if they are working as partners, but they are definitely both seen working a case during an upcoming episode.

The season premiere could begin with some serious questions about whether or not Burgess wants to stay on the job now that she has a child at home, but it seems pretty clear that her love for the job that she has with Intelligence is going to keep her coming to work. It’s possible she could want to work a bit less, but Burgess is still on the show.

More from One Chicago for Fall 2021

An episode synopsis for the Chicago P.D. season premiere has been revealed. It gives a look at what Intelligence will be dealing with as the Fall 2021 episodes begin airing.

That first episode will air on Wednesday, September 22, and it will conclude an all-new night of the One Chicago shows. Before that night arrives, it is highly recommended that Chicago P.D. fans go back and watch the final two episodes of P.D. Season 8, as they will have a big impact on where the new season picks up.

Over at Chicago Med, there are two new doctors joining the cast. They will have an immediate impact on the show, but so will the new chief of the ED who is stepping in after Dr. Ethan Choi got shot on the Chicago Med Season 6 finale.

And don’t forget to tune in for the Chicago Fire season premiere. We will be learning the outcome of that boat situation where the entire rescue team was trapped underwater. It has a lot of Chicago Fire fans worried that one or more characters could die in the first episode of Season 10.

The Chicago Fire Season 10 poster certainly didn’t do anything to alleviate those fears, either. Make sure to not miss an episode as the team at Firehouse 51 approaches its 200th episode. According to the showrunner, Chicago Fire Episode 200 is going to be a “life-changing” one for people on the cast.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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