Chicago P.D. Season 8, Episode 7 preview: Time for some intense undercover work

Ruzek on Chicago PD
Ruzek will be featured on the new episode of Chicago P.D. Pic credit: NBCUniversal

The new Chicago P.D. episode airs on Wednesday night and this serves as Season 8, Episode 7 of the show. It follows a pretty good one from last week that saw Halstead involved in a plot that could certainly hint at what’s to come for that character.

“We are trying to take down a violent dealer,” Voight says in a promo for the new episode called Instinct. It sets the tone for what’s to come and the background music definitely gets viewers into a particular mindset as things play out.

This is the last new episode that will air during the month of February before the show goes on another short break. As such, viewers are going to want to tune in to see it. It’s a good idea to also re-watch the one from last week to maintain familiarity with what each of the characters is currently doing on the show.

So far, Chicago P.D. Season 8 had been pretty good, with a lot of self-contained episodes that haven’t left viewers with cliffhangers. That has worked very well, especially since there were some production issues due to filming during a pandemic. Hopefully, things get back to normal and crossover episodes can happen again, but, for now, we just have to enjoy what the Chicago P.D. cast brings to the small screen each week.

Chicago P.D. Season 8, Episode 7 synopsis

Below is the synopsis that NBC has released for the new episode called Instinct. It will air for the first time on Wednesday, February 17.

“After a series of deadly ambushes, the team goes under cover to bring down a dangerous new drug dealer who is determined to push out the competition; Ruzek’s informant proves to be a loose cannon, which could upset the whole operations.”

Chicago P.D. promo for Instinct

NBC is currently airing a brief sneak peek at the new episode of the show and we have shared it below. As with the synopsis, the promo hints heavily at Ruzek and his informant from the past playing a big part in the episode.

More One Chicago on Wednesday night

All three Chicago-based shows are airing new content on the evening of Wednesday, February 17.

The night begins with a new episode of Chicago Med. It looks like Dr. Choi is going to have a medical emergency in the ED and that it is going to be brought on by all of the stress of his new job.

One Chicago Wednesday continues with a new episode of Chicago Fire. It’s an explosive new episode of the show (pun intended) and it looks like we get to see Casey and Severide out doing some investigating again. It’s always an interesting episode when the firefighters try to get to the bottom of things in this fashion.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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