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Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 7 preview: Dead of Winter has new Severide and Casey investigation

Mouch Chicago Fire

The Chicago Fire cast is back with Season 9, Episode 7 on Wednesday night. This new episode is called Dead of Winter and it will introduce some new stories to the show.

Last week, viewers saw firefighter Blake Gallo disobey a direct order from lieutenant Matthew Casey, putting him in a dangerous situation during a rescue. Though Gallo got in trouble for his actions, it wasn’t all bad for him, as he wound up spending the night with new paramedic Gianna Mackey. Their goal to keep Cruz in the dark about it didn’t work either.

There was also a really important moment in the episode where Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd finally got together for an in-depth conversation. Severide came clean about why he was making some boneheaded decisions and keeping his distance, and Kidd set him straight about not needing to defend her while on the job.

It seems that the relationship between Severide and Kidd has been fixed, so at least the writers can evolve past that point of the Season 9 stories. That wasn’t the case for Sylvie Brett and Casey, though, as those two appear to be on different planets. Will they ever get back on the same page?

Actor Taylor Kinney (he plays Severide) recently spoke about his character while celebrating One Chicago Day. He gave some interesting insights and also joked about how Severide might propose to Kidd if the relationship ever gets to that point.

In case anyone forgot how Cruz learned about Gallo and Mackey, below is a quick clip that serves as a reminder.

Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 7 synopsis

The following synopsis is for the episode of Chicago Fire called Dead of Winter that will air for the first time on Wednesday, February 16:

“A fire at a homeless encampment leaves Severide and Casey searching for answers; Cruz is shaken up by a close call; Ritter lends a helping hand to a victim.”

Chicago Fire TV promo for Dead of Winter

NBC has also been airing a brief promo for the next episode of Chicago Fire. It is shared below and it looks like we get to see Severide and Casey putting those investigative skills to good use again. Cruz is also in danger again, which may start getting to him based on everything happening to his character so far in Season 9.

This will be the last new episode of Chicago Fire during the month of February, so we would not be surprised if it ended on a cliffhanger. With all of the hints about explosives and fires taking place during the episode, it wouldn’t be a stretch to guess that someone is going to be in peril as the credits close. At the same time, with the way Chicago Fire Season 9 has been presented, the writers may have worked hard to make this a self-contained episode.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.