Chicago P.D. recap: Upton jams up Halstead, Voight gets worried

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Hank Voight may have a problem on his hands with Intelligence. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

The new Chicago P.D. episode from Wednesday night created a situation where Hailey Upton felt that she needed to prove herself to her boss, Voight.

As was heavily advertised in the latest Chicago P.D. promo, Voight started figuring out that Upton and Jay Halstead are in a relationship. During a case, he started getting concerned that it was clouding their judgment while on the job.

With Voight questioning Upton, she started to question whether she was making decisions with her head or her heart while partnering with Halstead. That doubt led to her trying to work part of the case on her own.

The case itself involved a string of home invasions that were becoming worse with each crime. One even led to the death of a child, when the two criminals broke into a house where a young boy had been left home because he didn’t feel well.

Upton and Halstead cross the line

Due to her hard work, Upton figured out where one of the suspects was holing up, and she then went there with Halstead. As soon as they arrived, Upton wanted to go right in the house, but Halstead urged her to wait since they didn’t have a warrant. Upton was adamant and went in anyway, with Halstead following right behind because he didn’t want her doing it alone.

They found a lot of evidence at the residence and went back outside when they heard a car driving up. It was the suspect, who fired shots at them and then led them on a car chase across Chicago. Reaching a dead end, the suspect took a woman hostage, setting up a very tense situation. When he went to steal her car, Halstead shot and killed the suspect.

As they were telling the story of the case to Voight, Upton hesitated when she was asked if they went inside the house. Halstead jumped in and told Voight that they did not enter, basically lying to their boss about how they had found the evidence.

When Voight walked away, Upton told Halstead that he didn’t need to back her up like that, but he told her there was nothing he could do after she “jammed” him up. He said that there was no way that he was going to let her go in the house by herself, so he really had no choice in the situation.

As the episode was ending, Upton told Voight that she might need a new partner. Voight refused her request, saying that they were too good of a team to split up. He also insinuated that he knew they went in that house, but that he needed Upton to be careful because they “need Jay just the way he is.” Is that heavy foreshadowing of Halstead eventually taking over as the lead of Intelligence? We will have to keep tuning in to find out.

The Chicago P.D. season finale

There are just two episodes left on the Chicago P.D. Season 8 schedule. That’s how close we are to the season finale, and the next two episodes look like they are really going to ramp up the excitement and drama for the show.

Don’t miss a moment of the show during the next two Wednesday nights, as each evening will have a new episode of Chicago P.D. for the fans.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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