Chicago P.D. recap: An abducted child hits home for Burgess, Ruzek

Ruzek On Tense Chicago PD 9
Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek on a tense Chicago P.D. winter premiere. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. is back with new episodes for Season 9.

This new episode on Wednesday night was the winter premiere, and it is called Home Safe.

During the Chicago P.D. fall finale, Upton, Halstead, and Voight figured out a way to rid themselves of the FBI investigation into the disappearance of Roy Walton. It was messy, though, and it involved Upton and Halstead blackmailing an FBI agent by having his brother arrested.

At the end of the fall finale, Upton and Halstead got married, which was actually a pretty shocking revelation when they were shown going to the courthouse. Their working relationship, as well as the one between Halstead and Voight, will certainly be impacted in the back half of Season 9.

Chicago P.D. Season 9, Episode 10 recap

The new episode of Chicago P.D. began with Ruzek picking up Makayla from school. When they were leaving, a school employee stopped them because she didn’t recognize him. She then clarified that there was nobody authorized to pick up Makayla other than Burgess. It was cleared up when Burgess came down to the school, but Ruzek was pretty put out that he wasn’t already on the list.

Before they really got into the discussion, a call came in about a missing child and Ruzek went to help Voight as Burgess took Makayla home.

Intelligence figured out that a seven-year-old girl was taken from her backyard while her mother was inside of their house. There were a lot of suspects and they zeroed in on a neighbor who had lied about where they were at the time she was taken. He started to look very guilty, but it was also extremely early in the episode, and it turned out to not be him.

While the investigation was underway, Voight spotted rings on Halstead and Upton and figured out that they got married. Atwater overheard the news and congratulated them while acting very surprised.

Back on the case, Ruzek was getting steadily more and more upset that they weren’t close to finding the missing child while also feeling like Burgess was trying to keep him away from Makayla. Not only had she not placed him on the school list, she hadn’t done it for her soccer team or any of the other extracurricular activities either.

They had a really good talk later and decided to try living together with Makayla. Burgess had been trying to set up boundaries in case Ruzek needed space or found someone else, but he assured her that he felt like Makayla was his own daughter and that he wasn’t going anywhere.

Intelligence did end up solving the case, and it was a neighbor who took the child. His daughter had been killed recently and he was seeking to replace her. He was arrested and the child was found safely.

The episode then ended in a bit of a creepy fashion. For much of the episode, Makayla had been talking to Ruzek about a new friend at school that was giving her stickers all of the time. Near the end of the episode, she revealed that the stickers were from his car, alarming Ruzek and leading to him and Burgess realizing that a grown man was approaching Makayla at school.

Through some investigating, they figured out that this was an uncle of Makayla’s, and right before the credits rolled, they learned that the uncle was petitioning for custody.

More new episodes of Chicago P.D. coming up soon

The updated One Chicago TV schedule (linked here) showcases some more new episodes of the show coming up in the month of January. It means a lot more action with Intelligence and there are also some tough cases are ahead for the team. Voight will be forced to turn to an old informant for some help, as well.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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