Chicago P.D. recap: A dramatic fall finale and a shocking death

Trudy Chicago PD Season 10
Amy Morton as Trudy Platt on Chicago P.D. Season 10. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D.’s fall finale brought the Sean O’Neal case front and center, with Intelligence trying to get to the bottom of everything.

At the end of the previous episode, Officer Kim Burgess and Detective Hailey Upton had gone to investigate a cabin where Sean had spent time when he was younger.

While looking around the property, Burgess and Upton found a body that they suspected had ties to Sean. Now came the time to prove it.

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The fall finale began with Voight and a swarm of police officers combing the cabin and surrounding area for additional evidence. Voight even called out Chief Patty O’Neal to force him to see what was happening.

The chief was in complete denial that his son was capable of anything like this, which led to him getting Sean a good lawyer. When Intelligence arrested Sean later in the episode, the lawyer got him released thanks to some suspect evidence.

With each step that Intelligence took in the investigation, it became even more apparent that Sean was guilty, but they were starting to bend the rules to get to the truth.

Intelligence works to take down Sean O’Neal

As the episode progressed, it became more evident that the chief was desperate to believe that his son was innocent. After a verbal showdown at the station, Voight went to the chief’s home with all of the information on the case to make him face facts.

There was a moment when Upton went to visit Sean when it seemed like he was about to admit to what he had done, but Voight pulled her out because anything he said at that moment was likely to be inadmissible since they were not supposed to be there.

A shocking end for Chief Patty O’Neal

Thanks to Upton, Intelligence was able to track down a truck that had been used to transport missing girls that Sean had been trafficking. They got there just in time to save the girls, who were themselves the evidence that would take down Sean.

Intelligence went on the hunt to find Sean again but was coming up empty until Voight and Upton found his truck outside his dad’s house (the chief). As they approached the house, gunshots rang out, and they went inside to find Sean and the chief on the ground.

The scene made it look like the chief had shot Sean and then turned the gun on himself. Voight was about to call it in when Sean moved. Voight and Upton both hesitated for a few moments, and Upton said to let him die. But Voight rendered aid, and they ended up saving Sean’s life.

The Chicago P.D. fall finale came to a close on the faces of Voight and Upton as they realized that they had saved an evil man from dying. Now, when the show returns, there are a lot of pieces to pick up for the team.

It will be a short wait until the Chicago P.D. winter hiatus ends, but at least there are many more Season 10 episodes left to debut. And soon enough, we will get to see the return of Jesse Lee Soffer, even though he will be in a new role.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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