Chicago Med recap: Crockett the celebrity and another doctor leaving Med?

Crockett Chicago Med Episode
Dominic Rains as Dr. Crockett Marcel on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago Med returned after a short hiatus to debut a new episode on Wednesday night.

The new episode called Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This focused a lot on the fame Dr. Crockett Marcel recently acquired.

As a reminder, on the last episode of Chicago Med, Crockett saved a man’s life from a train accident by giving him a full lung transplant.

That surgery followed Crockett’s rush into the train tunnel to help survivors after the big Chicago accident.

Both situations brought a lot of good press to Med, but they also turned Crockett into a celebrity.

Would Crockett be able to stay focused on doing his job? Could he be a celebrity and a doctor at the same time?

Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 6 recap

The three main stories of the episode focused on Crockett adjusting to his newfound fame as he helped Dr. Will Halstead treat a local restaurant owner; Dr. Ethan Choi, Dr. Daniel Charles, and Sharon Goodwin aiding a new mother who was worried about hurting her baby; and Nurse Maggie and Dr. Vanessa Taylor clashing with a patient who was eager to get back to work.

Regarding Crockett’s story, he was called in to assist on a patient Halstead had known for years. She ran a restaurant and needed full use of her arms, but she also required surgery that Crockett could perform.

The drama surfaced as Crockett finished the surgery on the woman, and he was called away to help the lieutenant governor. He had Dr. Kai Tanaka-Reed close her up so he could rush out. Later, the woman had a complication, leading to Halstead getting frustrated that Crockett’s attention was split. Everything worked out, but Crockett did admit it had gone to his head a little bit.

More from the new episode of Chicago Med

A mother brought in her baby because she was having intrusive thoughts, and she was in pain due to the crying of her baby. It turned out that she had a condition that amplified the baby’s cries. Choi and Charles helped her out, and Goodwin spoke to her about intrusive thoughts being common for new mothers.

Elsewhere, Dr. Hannah Asher had a patient with an ectopic pregnancy, and Dr. Dean Archer taught her how to use a scope to do it in an old-school method that honored her patient’s wishes. Asher and Archer bonded a bit over the surgery, but it was very clear that Archer was still dealing with pain from the rib injuries he had suffered previously.

Vanessa and Maggie had a patient who was helping with doctors overseas who wanted to be treated and released quickly. After he went through a health scare in the ED, it was revealed that he was dealing with scurvy due to his diet.

Thanks to Vanessa saving him, he offered her a job as a doctor in The Philippines. At the very end of the episode, Vanessa goes to Maggie for help with vaccinations so that she can leave.

It has now been set up for Vanessa to leave Chicago Med, which could be a problematic situation for Maggie (her biological mother) to deal with.

And in other news from the show, one of the main characters is leaving Chicago Med soon.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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