Chicago Med recap: Dr. Archer is broken and a character returns

Archer Chicago Med
Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer on the Chicago Med Season 8 cast. Pic credit: George Burns/NBCUniversal

Chicago Med’s new episode packed a big surprise for viewers on Wednesday night, and it’s hard not to start looking ahead at what might happen next.

But it was also a really rough night for one doctor, as Dr. Dean Archer ended up sprawled on the floor after he tried to get an ED patient under control.

On the previous episode of Chicago Med, Dr. Crockett Marcel played the hero and ran underground to help with a derailed train.

Fans of the show got to see a mini-crossover when Kelly Severide and Christopher Herrmann showed up from Chicago Fire to help with the rescue.

Revisiting that plot point was important, as someone from the train crash showed up at the hospital in need of a transplant in this new episode.

And as a reminder, Dr. Pamela Blake is gone after actress Sarah Rafferty left the Chicago Med cast. This has placed Crockett in a very important position when it comes to transplants.

Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 5 recap

The October 19 episode of Chicago Med began with Dr. Daniel Charles and Dr. Nellie Cuevas (the new psych fellow played by Lilah Richcreek Estrada) talking about psych patients in the ED who didn’t have beds. A number of scenes dealt with them trying hard to help out patients, but the lack of beds harmed their efforts.

Dr. Ethan Choi then came in to see a patient, and Maggie tried to steer him away, but he was insistent, opening a curtain to find April Sexton standing with the patient. She was there with someone who had been seeking help from the group where she works, but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him.

In another bed, Crockett was dealing with the man he helped save from the train crash. The man’s health had turned and he needed a lung transplant to survive. Some damaged lungs became available, and thanks to the train’s owner helping put together some fancy tech to revitalize those lungs, the patient was saved.

Dr. Archer gets assaulted in the ED by drug dealer

A drug dealer named Dean was brought into the ED, but before he got to a room, he began trashing the ED. Dr. Archer jumped in to stop him, but ended up getting beat up and knocked out. Dr. Choi then stepped in and was able to subdue Dean with the help of new intern Zach Hudgins (played by Conor Perkins).

Archer suffered broken ribs and a dislocated jaw, leaving him unable to do much for the episode. It may also take him a while to recover, so it’s possible we don’t see him for a few episodes.

It turned out that Dean was the man that Dr. Vanessa Cooper got drugs from to help a patient on the last episode. This led to it coming out that Vanessa and Dr. Will Halstead had worked outside of hospital policy to help out that patient, leading to a pretty angry duo in Sharon Goodwin and Nurse Maggie.

No charges were brought against Vanessa and Halstead, and Goodwin was upset, but she told them that she understood the lack of supplies was harming everyone.

The episode ended with many characters going to a dance club to unwind, and that led to Ethan and April dancing closely with one another. It was clear that the feelings between them were rushing back before the screen went to the end credits.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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