Chicago Med: Crockett plays hero in mini-crossover with Chicago Fire

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Dominic Rains as Dr. Crockett Marcel on Chicago Med Season 8. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

A new episode of Chicago Med put the focus on Dr. Crockett Marcel, as he not only got to take part in a big rescue but also found out that his mentor was gone for good.

It was back on the season premiere of Chicago Med that Dr. Pamela Blake said she was going to take some time away to heal after Crockett elected to have her go through a procedure that resulted in a stroke.

After the episode, it was revealed that actress Sarah Rafferty had left the Chicago Med cast, meaning her character (Dr. Blake) was also going to be written out of the show.

At the very beginning of Wednesday night’s new episode, Crockett came in to work to find Dr. Blake’s locker empty, to which Dr. Dean Archer explained that Blake had healed up and was taking a job in Boston.

That wasn’t the only storyline that got tied up on the night, as Sharon Goodwin brought up with Dr. Will Halstead that his brother, Detective Jay Halstead, has returned to the Army. He let her know that Jay was happy about the career shift.

Outside of the show, Nick Gehlfuss (Will Halstead) recently spoke about the Chicago P.D. exit.

Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 4 recap

The crux of the entire episode was that Dr. Crockett Marcel was nearby when an underground train derailed in Chicago. He rushed down to help aid victims and had to perform surgery on one of them to save his life.

While Crockett, the man, and a helpful bystander were trapped below the surface, a mini-crossover with Chicago Fire began. Kelly Severide and Christopher Herrmann from the other show worked hard to free the men and bring them up to safety.

This storyline played out while doctors back at the ED were dealing with other cases, but everything became secondary to Crockett, Severide, and Herrmann saving the day (which they did).

More from new Chicago Med episode

There were a few more substories from the episode, including Dr. Hannah Asher working on a pregnant patient, Halstead and Dr. Vanessa Taylor trying to help a patient dealing with a fungus, and Dr. Daniel Charles saving his therapist.

Charles was meeting with a new therapist and seemingly making headway when the man collapsed from an apparent heart attack. Charles kept him alive until the paramedics could get him to Med. Later, we found out he was having panic attacks.

Dr. Ethan Choi and one of the new interns worked on a patient who had fallen off a ladder while painting. It led to Dr. Kai Tanaka-Reed bucking authority again when supply shortages impacted his patient.

The theme of supply chain shortages was again present on Wednesday night, putting a lot of additional stress on all of the doctors (and Goodwin) that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

More news about Chicago Med

Shocking news came out this week when Brian Tee revealed he is leaving Chicago Med. Tee has played Dr. Ethan Choi on the show for a number of years, but he is walking away later this season.

Along with that departure news, some spoilers about someone returning to Chicago Med also came out.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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