Chicago Med recap: Mixed signals, misdiagnosis, and Dr. Scott saves the day

Vanessa And Hammer Chicago Med
Kristin Hager as Dr. Stevie Hammer and Asjha Cooper as Vanessa Taylor on Chicago Med. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

The new episode of Chicago Med worked through its recap scenes very quickly before getting started.

We saw Halstead getting approached by the representative for the devices that Dr. Cooper has been getting kickbacks from, and we saw Dr. Archer tell the staff to be quicker with patients and insinuate to Dr. Charles that psychiatry might not have a place at the hospital.

The opening scene had Halstead sitting with Sharon as he updated her on how the company wanted him to start peddling their medical equipment and that he had a test presentation later that day. We then flashed to Maggie trying to set up Dr. Scott with one of her friends.

Dr. Scott got a call from a family friend and rushed to defuse a situation taking place on the street. A kid was having a medical episode, but police responded and drew weapons on him because he wasn’t calming down. Scott stepped in front of the guns and convinced the police to stand down while he worked with the kid. He eventually got him to calm down, and it ended a really intense situation.

Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 4 recap

Crockett came in to work 30 minutes early for his shift with Vanessa and found that she already had three patients. He tried to urge her to not overdo it, and he wrote her a prescription for taking it easy (as a joke). Maggie was watching and got worried that Vanessa was falling for Crockett. Dr. Hammer seemed to agree.

Halstead practiced pitching the device to the representative and Dr. Cooper, and he appeared to be doing well until Dr. Archer came in and started poking holes in the pitch. He was actually saying a lot of the same things that Halstead had said before Sharon put him on this task.

Dr. Charles came in to meet with the patient that Scott had brought in (the kid with schizophrenia) and started to develop some trust with him. Through chatting with him and through some tests, Charles figured out the kid did not have schizophrenia and had been misdiagnosed. The determination was the kid was bipolar and they got him started on a new medication that would help him a lot.

Hammer and Vanessa had a patient who was suffering from a lot of lesions on her brain. She had outlived her original diagnosis when she was determined to have cancer some 30 years prior. Through the course of the episode, Hammer figured out that the patient never actually had cancer, and she could now get back to living out her life again.

Halstead had a patient who needed surgery, and when Halstead talked to Archer, he tried to sell him on the device again to use on this patient. Archer declined and seemed to be getting upset that he was even asked. Halstead considered damaging Archer’s machine so he would have to use the one Halstead was trying to sell, but he refrained. When Halstead told Sharon about it, she told him that she trusted him and that he could stop the investigation if it ever got to be too much.

A new Chicago Med program and mixed signals

At the end of the episode, Scott went to Charles about helping out with a program to help teach police officers how to deal with mental health situations like the one from earlier in the episode. Charles said he was in and that appears to be something we will see addressed again in a future episode.

Before the credits rolled, Vanessa came across Crockett, who was frustrated about a case he was working on, and she put her hand on his to console him. He was taken aback (off guard) and she was immediately embarrassed about reading signs wrong.

Vanessa went outside to get over it and Hammer came to talk with her. Hammer stated that she had fallen for her attending as well, but that she had married him. She has since become divorced, which helped flush out a little more of her backstory.

That brings us to the end of the Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 4 recap.

The show returns with an all-new episode next week. And for Chicago Med fans who are interested, the One Chicago ratings are really strong this fall.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.