Chicago Med recap: Hammer tries to help her mom, Halstead finds an in with Cooper

Hammer And Sharon Chicago Med
Kristen Hager as Dr. Stevie Hammer and S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin on Chicago Med. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

A new episode of Chicago Med aired on Wednesday night that was called Be the Change You Want to See.

In the episode, we got some more stories involving the new doctors that have been introduced over the first two episodes of Chicago Med Season 7.

In the last episode of Chicago Med, the most notable case was one that Dr. Scott and Dr. Charles worked on with a UNICEF worker who had been overstressed with the tragedies of her job. They struggled to get her to accept help, and when she finally did, it turned out the hospital had no room for her, so she had to be taken to a state hospital.

In the new episode, Dr. Scott and Dr. Halstead had to deal with a dishonest patient whose lupus was in remission, a wealthy donor made inappropriate advances toward Dr. Hammer, and Vanessa and Marcel, with the help of Dr. Charles, tried to convince a young woman to have life-saving surgery.

Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 3 recap

The new episode began with Halstead trying to convince Cooper that he was desperate for money and in debt so that Cooper would offer some tips on how to get kickbacks. It was a strategy that Halstead had worked out with Sharon.

Things got dramatic when the episode shifted to Scott playing basketball with Officer Kevin Atwater from Chicago P.D. and another officer that they both knew. Shots were heard in a building nearby, and the trio raced to find out what had happened. Two kids had been playing with a gun, and one got shot.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Archer put a new policy in place where everyone would be logging how much time they spent with each patient. It was an effort to increase turnover and see more patients, but Dr. Charles wasn’t enthused about “incentive-based medicine” being a thing at Med.

Vanessa had her first meeting with Marcel (he is her mentor now), and she revealed that she has a 10-year plan for what she hopes to accomplish. He was a bit shocked about it, but she had everything coordinated in a binder.

Regarding the patients that we teased above, the dishonest patient was someone using her lupus to gain sympathy and faking symptoms of it being worse in order to make money, the donor was going through a brain tumor that had a profound disinhibition impact on his brain, and the young woman had a large tumor on her neck that needed to be removed or she would die.

Wrapping up the Chicago Med recap

Intermixed with the stories of the patients was the continuation of Hammer trying to convince her mother to not live on the street. She even offered to pay for her rent, but got a lot of pushback. Hammer ended up giving her mom some money to fix up an old van, but it was also clear that she wanted to do so much more for her mom.

At the end of the episode, a representative from the company that Cooper was allegedly getting kickbacks from approached Halstead to get him to sign up. He said he was interested and he took a step toward finding out what is going on with Cooper.

That brings an end to the Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 3 recap, but the show returns with an all-new episode in a week.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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