Chicago Med recap: A full ED leads to some stress

Vanessa Chicago Med S7 E2
Asjha Cooper as Vanessa Taylor returned for Chicago Med Season 7. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 2 picked up with Halstead walking in the hospital and Sharon catching up with him to chat about the mission.

That chat went back to what happened on the Chicago Med season premiere, where she gave Halstead his job back if he worked undercover for her.

Halstead planned to snoop around and find out more about how Dr. Cooper (Michael Rady) was getting so many kickbacks from companies that he was promoting products for in the hospital.

We also saw Vanessa find a cupcake in her locker and when she asked Maggie about it, we learned that it was to celebrate Vanessa’s birthday. They had a good moment and talked about getting a drink later.

It was then time to get back to the ED, where we saw one of the new doctors, Dr. Dylan Scott (played by Guy Lockard), chatting with a young patient he had finished treating. He was pumping her up for when she left.

Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 2 recap

There were a lot of new cases inundating the ED during the episode.

Halstead and Dr. Stevie Hammer (Kristin Hager) were working on a kid who was overmedicating to avoid going into a medical trial for his condition, Dr. Charles and Scott had a UNICEF worker who said she ingested too many sleeping pills accidentally, Archer and Vanessa were dealing with a motorcycle accident victim who was going to lose his arm, and Sharon appeared to be having a medical emergency of her own.

Vanessa suggested treatment for the patient that Archer alluded to as being a dumb idea. Crockett overheard it and pulled her aside later, telling her he would have gone with her idea and that he had learned long ago that sometimes he had to choose between being respected and being liked.

Charles and Scott got their patient to accept some help after they discovered the stress that she was under while saving kids with UNICEF. It turned out this wasn’t the first time she had almost overdosed, but they hit red tape when they couldn’t find a psychiatric bed for her.

Archer was trying to get the patient shipped out as quickly as possible, which led to Scott blowing up at him in the ED. Scott stormed out and later talked a lot with Charles about how he couldn’t handle all the red tape with trying to help people while he was a cop with Chicago P.D. It was one of the reasons he had to walk away from the job.

They eventually found a bed for her at a less-than-ideal location, leading to the patient feeling she was lied to and she had to be taken by officers to be cared for.

Drama within the Chicago Med cast

Vanessa went to Archer and stood up for herself, saying she had consulted with Crockett about the procedure. Archer was mad and said that she and Crockett should do the procedure and deal with any consequences.

Maggie scolded Crockett for having Vanessa “stick her neck out” like that, and when Crockett went back to Vanessa to apologize, Vanessa was upset that Maggie had interfered. She is again not going to be speaking with her biological mom.

At the end of the episode, we found out that Sharon is dealing with complications from diabetes and we were introduced to a new doctor named Dr. Joy Change (played by Angela Oh) who is helping with some new treatment.

Later, Halstead came to meet with her and he said that the way to get Cooper was for Halstead to “cry broke” and hope that Cooper brought him in on the scam. It seems has found a way in to see if Cooper is actually doing something wrong.

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