Chicago Med recap: Dr. Crockett Marcel decides on his love triangle

Chicago Med Winter Premiere
Sarah Rafferty as Dr. Pamela Blake and Dominic Rains as Dr. Crockett Marcel on the Chicago Med winter premiere. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

Chicago Med Season 7 finally continued on Wednesday night when the winter premiere debuted.

During the Chicago Med fall finale that aired in December, Dr. Halstead brought forward all of the information he had gathered from his investigation into Dr. Cooper and the Vas-COM units.

Sharon Goodwin called in the lawyer, who, after meeting with the board for the hospital, told them to sit tight and handle everything internally.

Sharon didn’t like that because she felt it was putting patients in danger, and she tipped off the FBI. At the end of the episode, Dr. Cooper and the Vas-COM rep were arrested on fraud charges.

Also, near the end of that episode, there was a kiss between Dr. Marcel and Dr. Blake, as well as Vanessa letting everyone know that Maggie is her biological mother. Both situations were ready to present some drama as the winter installments began.

Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 10 recap

The new episode of Chicago Med began with Sharon arriving at work to find swarms of reporters waiting to ask her questions and fill in the viewers on the information. They said that Dr. Cooper was out on bail and that lawsuits were coming from families of patients that had been on Vas-COM devices.

Sharon measured her blood-glucose levels when she got in, and they were not good, she then spoke for a bit with Dr. Charles, where she also narrated some of what has been going on for the viewers. She was glad she called the FBI, and she also said she didn’t want any fame or recognition from it.

Later, it was shown that Sharon was getting kept out of important meetings, including budget meetings, and she got a warning that people were going to be coming after her job. A compliance officer also made an appearance at her office, letting her know the board had brought him on to provide clarity and transparency to patients.

The episode then transitioned to Crockett and Blake working on a patient with a son who had severe autism. The patient needed a kidney, or he would soon die, and they needed to test his son to find out if it was a match. It led to a debate because the son wanted to do it, but it was unclear if he had the capabilities to speak for himself.

Halstead was also having a difficult time getting back into a rhythm after everyone found out he was trying to take down Dr. Cooper. Dr. Hammer expressed her support to him but used his secrets against him in an argument, and later, Dr. Archer also expressed support when he said that Halstead had been “brave” in his actions.

While working on a patient that had been losing his balance and falling down, Halstead and Hammer figured out it was early-onset Alzheimer’s. The patient didn’t speak English, so his son was translating for him. The son lied about the diagnosis to protect his father, and that was when Halstead and Hammer argued about whether they needed to tell the patient. They didn’t tell the patient.

A patient that was close to death came into Med that Dr. Archer and Dr. Scott were working on. They got him into surgery, and right before they were getting started, the patient admitted that he killed someone in a bar fight years ago and that this was the universe seeking balance. Only Archer heard him say it.

When Archer’s patient had a stroke during the procedure, Archer told his family that the man had said he wanted to donate his organs. Archer then went to Crockett and told him that the blood types matched and that his patient might be able to save the one waiting for a transplant. A “life for a life” he said. It worked, as the kidney matched and the transplant patient was saved.

In the final moments of the episode, Maggie told Vanessa that Human Resources was asking a lot of questions about how Vanessa had come to work at Med with her biological mom. Vanessa said she didn’t care and that she was extremely grateful to Maggie for just being there.

Avery (Dr. Pamela Blake’s daughter) showed up at Med as a lawyer for one of the patients, and she asked Crockett out on a date. He declined, showing he has growing feelings for Pamela. Will Avery get upset if she finds out Crockett is dating her mother? Stay tuned.

Dr. Charles saw that Sharon had been having a rough day, and he took her out for a fancy meal. While there, though, Dr. Cooper showed up and threatened Sharon, indicating that the fallout is just beginning in this situation.

More news episodes of Chicago Med coming up soon

The One Chicago TV schedule for January has more new episodes of Chicago Med coming up soon. That will be a nice treat for the Chicago Med fans who had to wait through the winter hiatus for new content to arrive.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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