Chicago Med recap: A party, some patients, and a few arrests

Chicago Med Party
S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin and Oliver Platt as Daniel Charles at the Chicago Med Christmas party. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Med fall finale aired on Wednesday night, marking the end of the Fall 2021 episodes on NBC.

On the previous episode of Chicago Med, we saw some drug test drama, Dr. Choi hurt his back a lot pushing himself too far in a procedure, and Dr. Crockett Marcel took a step closer to becoming a full-time transplant surgeon.

There were a lot of underlying storylines that hadn’t been completed as well. Dr. Archer is still the head of the ED, the investigation that Halstead was carrying out was unresolved, and Dr. Hammer still had a secret.

It definitely seemed like the Chicago Med fall finale was heading toward cliffhanger territory, especially with the lack of a real television promo for what would be covered on the big night.

Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 9 recap

The new episode of Chicago Med started off with Halstead out on a date with Jessa (the VasCom representative), and she invited him back to her place. But while there, she pitched him on taking over Dr. Cooper’s “arrangement” with them.

She then told him that Cooper got a kickback percentage of every device that was ordered by the hospital and that the company would like Halstead to take on that role.

Halstead recorded the entire conversation and took it to Sharon and the head lawyer. The lawyer was not pleased and he told them to keep it under wraps until he could warn the board that they would need to forward the information to the FBI. When he returned, though, he told Halstead and Sharon that Cooper would be fired, the hospital would stop using the VasCom, and that the issue was closed. Halstead and Sharon were not pleased.

Back at the hospital, Maggie got the drug test results and took them to Dr. Taylor, who learned that with Maggie’s help, she had passed her test. Taylor was overjoyed and she had a moment with Maggie before returning to work. But will this be the end of her drug habit? Or is it something that could return later on down the road?

A busy day at Chicago Med

Patients were rolling in quickly, leading to Halstead and Dr. Scott working on a sick baby, Taylor and Dr. Hammer working on a woman who had a seizure while getting ready for work, and Archer dealing with a man who police thought stepped in front of a bus.

Marcel and Dr. Blake worked with Dr. Abrams to save a patient in need of a liver transplant. And right before Marcel went to work, Blake’s daughter stopped by to visit him again. There were complications, but they successfully pulled off the transplant and celebrated later.

Dr. Charles came to meet Archer’s patient and found out that the patient had schizophrenia. Archer wanted him transferred to the psych ward, but Charles insisted on keeping him in the ED for now. Through conversations and some investigation, Charles figured out that the patient had been drinking tea with a supplement that was negatively interacting with his medication. Removing the tea from his diet would clear things up.

Charles also figured out that Archer might be dealing with a mental illness of his own, which is what had led to his frustrations with any patient who had one. After several chats, Archer and Charles are now on the same page, and Charles is willing to help Archer through it.

The patient that Hammer and Taylor were working on had contracted typhus from a flea bite because she was spending her days in their storage locker after getting fired from her job. They treated her and she came clean to her husband.

As for the baby, Halstead and Scott figured out the sickness came from a genetic disease.

Chicago Med fall finale wrap-up

At the end of the episode, Blake and Marcel exchanged a kiss under the mistletoe, Taylor and Hammer told each other that they had secrets that were coming at a cost, Dr. Abrams played Santa Claus at the hospital Christmas party, Taylor told everyone that Maggie is her biological mother, and the FBI showed up to carry out an investigation that was tipped off by Sharon.

The big cliffhanger was Cooper and Jessa getting arrested. Cooper’s dad was irate, so there is a lot of drama to come from that storyline when the show returns in January 2022.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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