Chicago Fire TV schedule: When are the next new episodes?

Boden Chicago Fire 10
Eamonn Walker continues to play Chief Wallace Boden on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Adrian Burrows Sr/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Fire TV schedule reveals that there are some big gaps coming up on the NBC docket.

This is not new territory for the One Chicago drama, as breaks typically take place around Thanksgiving and then the December holidays each season.

Last year was particularly bad when there were only two episodes of Chicago Fire Season 9 that aired during Fall 2020. The show then took a big break before returning in Winter 2021.

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This year, things might look equally as bad for Chicago Fire fans, especially with the 2022 Winter Olympics coming up soon.

Chicago Fire fall finale scheduled

A TV promo for the Chicago Fire fall finale is already airing on NBC, but it doesn’t provide any new footage for the show. Instead, it is used as a placeholder to make sure that One Chicago fans know that there won’t be any more new episodes in the month of November.

That next new episode doesn’t air until Wednesday, December 8, when Chicago Fire Season 10, Episode 9 arrives on NBC. This is the midseason finale (fall finale) and it is the last new episode of the show during 2021. That’s not a fun sentence to write, as it means we only have one more new episode before January.

Chicago Fire TV schedule for Season 10

It’s going to seem like a long month of December with only the singular new episode. When 2022 hits, the first new episode (Season 10, Episode 10) of the new year will arrive on Wednesday, January 5. That will be considered the winter premiere for the show, but it is also one of only two new episodes that will air before the month of March.

The tentative Chicago Fire TV schedule has Season 10, Episode 11 arriving on Wednesday, February 23. This is after the 2022 Winter Olympics have finished airing on the NBC family of channels, making sure that viewers are tuning in for the sports and not new episodes of the One Chicago dramas.

Summary of new Chicago Fire episodes

To summarize, the next three episodes of Chicago Fire Season 10 are tentatively slated to debut on December 8, January 5, and February 23. More consistency will arrive at NBC as the spring episodes roll around because, at that point, we will start to see back-to-back weeks with new content again.

As a reminder, don’t forget to tune in for the Chicago Fire fall finale on December 8, as that is when we are going to see Stella Kidd finally return. But is she going to return with good news for Kelly Severide? Or is there some drama in store for that relationship?

There are also a lot of unanswered questions about the situation with Lieutenant Jason Pelham, who is quickly becoming a fan-favorite and someone the rest of the people at Firehouse 51 are coming to respect and enjoy working with. Will he stick around? Or are we going to see a dramatic exit?

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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