Chicago Fire Season 10: Storylines that need to be addressed soon

Chicago Fire Cast In Season 9
Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide and Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey have always been important to the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire Season 10 has a lot to cover when it comes to unresolved storylines, especially with what happened during the Season 9 finale.

In the final moments of Season 9, the four members of the rescue team were trapped in a sinking boat. Sure, a strong argument could be made that it would never be appropriate for the entire team to dive at once like that, but here we are.

The most important part of the Chicago Fire Season 10 premiere will be revealing to the viewers if Severide (Taylor Kinney), Cruz (Joe Minoso), Capp (Randy Flagler), and Tony (Tony Ferraris) survived. We have some potential Chicago Fire spoilers based on set photos for readers who want to take a look.

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Below are a few more plot points that need to be addressed when Chicago Fire returns on Wednesday, September 22. The show is going to remain in its 9/8c time slot each Wednesday on NBC.

The Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey relationship

Chicago Fire fans finally got to see Brett and Casey get together after what seemed like years of will they or won’t they storylines. Now, we all want to know what’s coming next between the two characters and if there is a real romantic relationship that will take place after they finally admitted their feelings for each other.

It’s about time to see that Joe Cruz baby

In the One Chicago timeline, it feels like Joe Cruz has been waiting for his baby to be born for the past few years. Cruz, if he survives that boat ordeal, and Chloe (Kristen Gutoskie) are about to become parents. It seems like something that might even happen during the season premiere. Cruz surviving that rescue and then welcoming his baby to wrap up the episode would be a good way to start out the season.

Severide, Cruz, Capp and Tony Find Themselves Trapped - Chicago Fire

Violet is getting more screen time on Chicago Fire

Violet Mikami is going to become a main character on the show for Season 10. Actress Hanako Greensmith received a promotion and she will now be a full-time part of the Chicago Fire cast for the next year. It’s unclear if she will remain with the show beyond that, but it’s definitely worth noting ahead of the new episodes.

Brett’s new baby sister

Showrunner Derek Haas was asked about Brett’s new baby sister and if we will get to see more of her in the future.

“Amelia, we were going to do this season, and logistically, with COVID, we couldn’t have a baby on set,” Haas said in what seems like heavy foreshadowing for an early Season 10 storyline.

Will Stella Kidd and Chief Boden get new jobs on Chicago Fire?

Stella Kidd passed her lieutenant’s exam and Chief Boden was shown possibly accepting a role higher up in the Chicago Fire Department. Their jobs are both in flux as the new season approaches and Boden did say that changes were coming to Firehouse 51. How Kidd and Boden fit into things is a major plot point that will have to also be addressed soon.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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