Chicago Fire spoilers: News about Foster, Brett’s sister, and Cruz’s baby

Sylvie Brett On Chicago Fire
We should see more from Sylvie Brett and her family during Chicago Fire Season 10. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Some Chicago Fire spoilers were revealed by showrunner Derek Haas, who shared some interesting information about what took place in Season 9. There had been plans in the scripts that didn’t get carried out due to the show filming episodes during a pandemic.

Specifically, Haas spoke about Sylvie Brett’s baby sister, the new child of firefighter Joe Cruz, and the baby involved in the gas station explosion during this past season. His explanation about how things played out makes a lot of sense in hindsight.

Haas was addressing these issues because some fans had been curious about several characters that didn’t appear on the show during Season 9, even though they are still alive and well within the One Chicago universe.

It looks like we could be getting some answers and appearances during Season 10, when the show returns for new episodes in the fall.

Chicago Fire spoilers from showrunner Derek Haas

“Amelia, we were going to do this season, and logistically, with COVID, we couldn’t have a baby on set,” Haas stated to TVLine when talking about Brett’s new little sister.

“When we had the baby in the gas station explosion, you never actually saw the baby,” Haas elaborated, which explained why we didn’t get to see Amelia. It also explained why the story about Joe and Chloe having a baby didn’t get further explored – they couldn’t show him with a baby yet.

“We just put that on hold, but we’ll definitely revisit that next season,” Haas revealed about Cruz’s baby.

And when it comes to Emily Foster, who left Chicago Fire at the end of Season 8, he admitted that he would need to write an update for that character in the future. This means we could hear more about what Foster is up to during Season 10.

Chicago Fire returns with Season 10

These Chicago Fire spoilers were certainly informational, but it doesn’t answer any of the biggest questions about the show. At the top of that list is whether or not Joe Cruz will die on Chicago Fire. Cruz was stuck in that boat at the end of the Season 9 finale with his life and the lives of the entire rescue team at risk.

We definitely want to know if Kelly Severide is going to survive that boat situation as well. And we certainly want to know if Boden is leaving Chicago Fire after he started talking about taking on a new position within the fire department. Is that how Firehouse 51 will have enough room for Stella Kidd to stay with the team?

The Chicago Fire Season 10 premiere cannot get here soon enough, but the reality is that we could be waiting until the end of September or the beginning of October 2021 before we get to see any new content.

Until the new season finally arrives, ION is now airing syndicated episodes of Chicago Fire. It’s a great way to watch past episodes of the show and see just how young these One Chicago stars looked when it all began.

Chicago Fire returns with Season 10 in the fall of 2021 on NBC.

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