Chicago Fire: The fallout from Chief Hawkins’ death hits hard in new episode

Violet On Chicago Fire Face
Hanako Greensmith plays Violet on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: NBCUniversal/Adrian S. Burrows Sr.

Chicago Fire rolled on with a new episode Wednesday night, which was the first new installment following the death of Chief Hawkins.

The last episode of Chicago Fire hit fans hard, as it concluded with an unexpected death of a character that was finally finding his footing.

As expected, the death of Hawkins hit paramedic Violet Mikami the hardest, especially since she had been in love with him. At the start of the new episode, she was having trouble even getting out of bed.

Back at Station 51, we learned that a floater named Jonah had been filling in, and as with most floaters on the show, he was a quirky guy who seemed awkward in every conversation he had.

Having quirky and awkward paramedic floaters seems like a good way to make sure Chicago Fire fans don’t get attached and remain grateful for the main characters.

Chief Boden was dropping his son off at school, and his son brought up hearing that a chief had died. They had an emotional conversation about how Boden was fine, but he was clearly still dealing with the death of Hawkins himself.

Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 4 recap

A bit of time had passed between this new episode and when Hawkins died. There were several allusions to it, including one by Sylvie Brett, who said she hadn’t heard from Violet in a while, and then said that the last time was at his funeral. Brett and Stella Kidd chatted a bit about what they could do for her when the alarm went off.

The team was called to a beach where an eight-year-old boy had been playing in a sand structure that collapsed in on him. Boden got there first and began frantically trying to dig out the boy with his bare hands before Squad arrived to safely assist.

They saved the boy and later, his father came to the station to personally thank Boden. The chief seemed to be worried he wasn’t there enough for his own kid. Is this all foreshadowing a Boden exit? We shall see.

Violet, Herrmann’s niece, and Carver getting arrested

Hearing that Violet couldn’t bring herself to return to work, Kelly Severide went to visit her. He talked to her about losing Anna (former paramedic from Chicago Fire who died) and how he felt lost until he returned to work. They had a good talk.

Violet worked up the courage to return to work, and it led to everyone being very excited that she was back. On her first call, Violet saved a man’s life. She then learned that the man Hawkins had saved was waking up from a coma and would be able to leave the hospital soon. Later, Violet would also talk more with Severide about the hole in her heart.

At the bar, Herrmann’s niece was on shift making jokes with Blake Gallo. As a reminder, they recently slept together, but that was before Gallo knew who she was. Now, she is having a lot of fun teasing Gallo right in front of Herrmann.

The former owner of the bar recently died and in his will he left Mouch an old beer stein – or so they all thought. After Mouch and Herrmann auctioned it off to help improve the bar, the former owner showed up to collect the beer stein he chose to have delivered there. Oops.

Trudy called the bar to let Stella Kidd know that new firefighter Sam Carver had been arrested. It was another mini-crossover as Kidd went over to the Chicago P.D. set to bail out Carver. She was pretty upset that he had dropped her name.

The arrest has only increased the tension between Kidd and Carver, and it definitely looks like he is hiding a lot from his new bosses. This all appears to be building toward something that will surface in a future episode.

More new episodes of Chicago Fire Season 11 are still to come.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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