Chicago Fire spoilers: Who didn’t make it?

Severide Chicago PD S11
Taylor Kinney played Kelly Severide on Chicago Fire. Pic credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire heavily advertised that “someone won’t make it” on the new episode of the show.

We finally got an answer on Wednesday night, bringing all of the Chicago Fire cast rumors to an end (for now).

In the promo video for Season 11, Episode 3, a fire was shown taking place at a movie theater.

During the intense trailer, Stella Kidd radioed for help from inside of the fire, and Chief Boden said it didn’t look good from the outside, right before part of the roof collapsed.

That kickstarted a lot of rumors about what might come next, with some suggesting that new firefighter Sam Carver would be the one who wasn’t going to survive the night.

Carver is played by a new member of the Chicago Fire cast, Jake Lockett. He was again featured in this new episode of the show, which aired on Wednesday, October 5.

Chicago Fire spoilers: What happened during the movie theater fire?

As expected, the big movie theater fire was saved for the end of the episode. This gave the Chicago Fire cast the chance to have some funny moments, including Tony and Capp trying to move the washer and dryer around the firehouse.

Quite a few characters were in dangerous situations, and at one point, it appeared like Blake Gallo was the one who wasn’t going to get out of the fire. But he did, and then someone who arrived late on the scene ran in.

This is where the episode title (Completely Shattered) comes into play, as there are going to be a lot of distraught Chicago Fire fans. Chief Hawkins just died in the movie theater fire. Violet was crushed.

That character death was a hard one to take.

More details from the new Chicago Fire

Earlier in the episode, Firehouse 51 had to respond to a car accident that involved a trailer hauling animals. The animals — a lot of baby goats — got loose, forcing the firefighters to chase them around and retrieve them for the owners. It was a fun scene.

Below is a snippet from that road scene shared by Wolf Entertainment, which brings back memories of a classic scene from the movie Backdraft, where Chicago firefighters were chasing chickens around on the highway.

There were several other scenes of note, including Violet and Chief Hawkins getting a kiss in as they took a step forward in their relationship. It also showed how Sylvie Brett continues to miss Matt Casey. We didn’t know at the time what was coming later in the night for Hawkins, though.

Severide also went into his Fire Cop role again, once again trying to work with Detective Pryma (played by Troy Winbush).

And in another sub-story from the episode, Stella Kidd looked for some help while trying to get an office set up for herself. This tied back to Capp and Tony moving the washer and dryer around.

To watch any of the new episodes from the current seasons of Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and/or Chicago P.D., fans can stream them on Paramount+. Prior seasons are also available so that people can go back and re-watch some classic episodes from the past.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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Michelle Hornick
Michelle Hornick
1 year ago

That was so sad I wish you guys would not let him dead