Chelsea Scott on Southern Charm: Why did Shep bring her to the party?

Chelsea Scott on Southern Charm
Shep showed up with Chelsea Scott on his arm. Pic credit: Bravo

Southern Charm has been turning up the drama this season. Austen Kroll has found himself in the middle of it all and it came to a head last night on the season finale.

Earlier this season, Austen Kroll was shown on video with two other women as his girlfriend Madison LeCroy came in. The footage was played on Southern Charm, and while it looked like the reported transgression was done and over with, it came back to life during a party thrown by Patricia Altschul.

When the Southern Charm cast was on vacation, things came to a head quickly. Shep Rose confronted Madison LeCroy and she ended up repeating what she heard from Austen Kroll. She accused Shep of giving Danni Baird chlamydia. That didn’t go over well, and since then, things have been tense among the guy friends.

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In an attempt to show out, Shep Rose brought Chelsea Scott to Patricia Altschul’s party. Not only that, but the other woman, Michelle, who was in the video with Austen Kroll came as Craig Conover’s date.

He knew it would get under Austen Kroll’s skin, and what better way to make a statement than to bring the two women who caused issues for him and Madison LeCroy?

Chelsea Scott is the woman who reportedly put the camera in the room and filmed the blowup. Austen Kroll was caught in just his boxers as Madison LeCroy showed up and found the three of them together.

Shep Rose has an issue with Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll being together. He assumed that putting the four of them in the room together would stir up some feelings. Chelsea Scott appeared to be on board with it all, though Michelle didn’t have much to say.

Cameran Eubanks was the voice of reason when she confronted Shep Rose about his using Chelsea Scott to stick it to Austen Kroll. She and Shep have reportedly hooked up in the past, so he felt like bringing her wasn’t a huge deal. Cameran wasn’t impressed at all.

In the end, it was explained that Chelsea Scott and her friend, Michelle did not end up sleeping with Austen Kroll. They claim that nothing happened and they both passed out and woke up to Madison LeCroy screaming. Either way, Shep overstepped some boundaries and could have ruined his friendship with Austen permanently.

Southern Charm airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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