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Bone in the Money Pit area? The Curse of Oak Island is about to get VERY interesting

Marty Lagina on The Curse of Oak Island
Marty Lagina as he finds out on The Curse of Oak Island that a discovered fragment is likely to be bone

The Curse of Oak Island looks set to take on a whole new direction starting with tonight’s episode — after what appears to be BONE is discovered in the legendary Money Pit area.

The episode also sees pottery being found at a depth of around 190ft, which could signify a potentially huge discovery as that is thought to be below the deepest point of any previous shafts dug by searchers.

The uncovering of apparent bone comes after hints about some sort of sinister discovery to come first started being dropped back at the end of Season 5 Episode 2.

The trailer for this week’s episode shows both it and the pottery are found in spoils dug up from one of the exploratory boreholes in the Money Pit area. When Rick and Marty Lagina and the team run the fragment past archaeologist Laird Niven, he says that his immediate reaction to it is that it’s bone.

Laird Niven on The Curse of Oak Island
Laird Niven examining the fragment, which he tells the team he thinks could be bone

The discovery comes in an episode titled Bone Dry, which starts a trend for ominous-sounding episode titles that continues with next week’s Remains of the Day — suggesting the potential piece of bone could take on a central role in The Curse of Oak Island this season.

It also appears that the team are finally honing in on the exact location of the original Money Pit, which they have been looking for for more than a decade after taking over treasure-hunting operations on the island back in 2006.

The description for this week’s episode reveals that we see the discovery of an old document which provides the group with new clues as to the Money Pit’s location.

Meanwhile, next week’s Season 5 Episode 6 could be the one fans have all been waiting for — with the episode description revealing: “After years of searching and speculation, Rick and Marty Lagina and their team unearth evidence of what Marty believes is the exact location of the ultimate target, the Money Pit.”

Fans are also yet to see a connection to the Knights Templar which Rick Lagina has previously strongly hinted at on two occasions, once on the Drilling Down episode with Matty Blake and also on his radio show.

Meanwhile, a debate has been raging among fans about what could be the significance of a wooden-lined shaft shown in pictures ahead of the Season 5 premiere, which has also been photographed by several other people who have visited the island on tours.

In one photo Rick Lagina is seen standing at the edge of the old shaft, which lies close to the Money Pit area, as he shows three children visiting the island what’s inside.

It is thought the excavated area could be some sort of previously undiscovered searcher shaft. It has repeatedly been seen cordoned off by red tape in camera shots from The Curse of Oak Island this season, and was also captured by previous drone footage of the island which has since been deleted.

However, it has not yet been talked about on the show. It’s possible that its significance could be revealed later, and could perhaps tie in to mysterious wooden beams which were seen being driven off the island in October.

Watch the trailer for this week’s episode — including footage of the apparent bone — below:

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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