Black Files Declassified exclusive: New Science Channel series reveals clandestine programs, preview

host mike baker of black files declassified
Host Mike Baker, from ‘Black Files Declassified’, has insider information on the most secret of projects. Pic credit: Science Channel

A new series on Science Channel, Black Files Declassified, aims to reveal the most clandestine and secretive of all government programs told from the vantage of a former CIA operative who actually worked on some of these secretive initiatives.

From the unimaginable to the slightly creepy, to the jaw-dropping technological advances, this series will open your eyes to what our government is up to with your hard-earned money given up in taxes.

Black Files Declassified has enlisted former CIA operative Mike Baker to take us on a backstage tour of the special missions you had no idea existed.

The series debuts this Thursday on Science Channel.

What is the Black Budget?

Every year, the government pours money into these clandestine programs collectively called the black budget.

But what’s exactly behind these hush-hush missions operating around the planet? Former CIA operative Mike Baker will explain and reveal the details and dive into these mysterious programs each week in Black Files Declassified.

Science Channel says:

With unprecedented access, Mike will look at different top-secret government programs steeped in cutting edge science. Conducting his own research, speaking with journalists, experts, former government and black file officials and scientists, he’ll stop at nothing to delve deeper into these black files than has ever been done before.

The episodic breakdown

In the first episode, Mike heads to a top-secret aviation program funded by a well-hidden money trail that could completely change the game for flight transportation by attaining Mach 5 speeds, at 4,000 mph.

But could this hypersonic speed technology fall into the wrong hands? This is always a concern for government officials. Mike researches the black files and reveals how a few nations are already working on hypersonic missiles, capable of reaching their target in minutes and not to frighten you, but are described as “completely unstoppable.”

Other episodes cover a space-based military program to an unbeatable army with otherworldly strength and the ability to kill with their minds, and Mike will open the kimonos up of these crazy sounding programs that sound more like science fiction than truth.

Another episode sees Mike dive into a clandestine program that fans of Ancient Aliens will love: He investigates the program tasked to investigate alien sightings and a program dedicated to researching, tracking and identifying UFOs.  We find out that most government officials do not even know this exists.  Is there truth that the government has already captured hostile spycraft?

Science Channel says:

“A series of recently released videos filmed by the Department of Defense show a technology that scientists and aviation experts agree is beyond our capability and very possibly, something from beyond our world. Mike Baker looks into one of the most fascinating subjects of our time.

Each week, Mike will sort the truth behind some of the world’s most puzzling and unimaginable mysteries.

The series comes from Espiritus Productions and Spark TV. For Espiritus Productions, the executive producers are Michelle and Bill Katz. For Spark TV, the executive producer is Paul Wooding.

For Science Channel, Wyatt Channell is the executive producer and Andrew Lessner is the producer.

Exclusive preview of the new series Black Files Declassified:

Imagine an unmanned supersonic missile that can not be stopped, hurling towards your country? It can happen:

Black Files Declassified airs Thursday (premiering on April 2) at 10/9c on Science Channel.

*Viewers can check out new episodes each week by visiting or by downloading the Science Channel GO app. Viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #BlackFiles and following Science Channel on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates.

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stanley milczanowski
stanley milczanowski
3 years ago

I like how these conspiracy nuts always have to meet him in the middle of nowhere to report “black files” on TV. What a joke, I expect them to find bigfoot anytime now.

1 year ago

So the Communist Chinese government just tested a hypersonic missile that went a round the world. The free world just sits back and does nothing

1 year ago

This show is a bunch of s**t. I’m watching season 2 episode 2. Everybody knows that things like cattle mutlation’s have been happening long before this government program. The laser experiment what a joke. Like they couldn’t find a piece of cow hide to use.