Big Brother updates: Jack Matthews insults Jessica Milagros behind her back on live feeds, her husband responds

Jessica Milagros In BB21 House
Jessica Milagros is part of the Big Brother 21 cast in summer 2019 season. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother live feed updates for the fans provide some more drama from Jack Matthews. This time, it involved Jack insulting Jessica Milagros behind her back. That led to Jessica’s husband responding through social media.

Jack has been insulting a number of BB21 cast members, but not to their faces. It has led to a lot of discussion on social media and a petition calling him a racist.

Now, the husband of Jessica Milagros has responded to what Jack had to say about her on the CBS live feeds. The quote below from Jack is in addition to him calling her “Consuela” and a “maggot” to other houseguests.

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“I flirt with her just to make her feel good about herself.”

Jessica’s husband responds on Instagram

Steve James wasn’t going to sit idly by as Jack Matthews continued to insult his wife on the live feeds.

“So Mr. Jack Matthews, you say you’re flirting with my wife to make her “feel good about herself?” Really? Ohhh, she’s a big girl so obviously she must have low self-esteem, right? Wrong. She’s a strong and beautiful woman inside and out. That’s why I married her. The fact that you can’t look past her size to see that says more about you than it does her. You may look like Aquaman buddy but apparently you’re just a Water Boy with a beard…….flame off. #bb21 #bb21jessica[sic]”

‘Big Brother’ 21: Jessica Milagros | EXTENDED

The Instagram message from Steve said a lot and it has led to a lot of support from fans on social media. That includes former houseguests who have echoed what he is saying about Jack.

Jessica isn’t the only houseguest that Jack has been treating poorly, so he is quickly becoming a very despised person in the house. It’s very unlikely that he has a shot at winning America’s Favorite Houseguest this season.

Will Big Brother 21 address Jack Matthews and his behavior?

Production has already warned Jack about his behavior in the house, but only time will tell if he rectifies how he has been acting. The Jason Momoa lookalike definitely isn’t living up to the superhero persona he tries to emulate.

It will be very interesting to see if show producers address how Jack has been acting during the season and if his disparaging comments about various houseguests make it to one of the CBS episodes.

The Big Brother 21 schedule is full of new episodes, but more live feed updates will also be available this week.

Big Brother currently airs CBS episodes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday evenings.

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