Big Brother spoilers: New HOH reveals shocking eviction nominees

BB21 Endurance Challenge
Holly, Nicole, and Christie participating in a Big Brother 21 Endurance Challenge. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds have just revealed who the new Head of Household wants to put on the block. The information is pretty shocking, but it plays toward the plan that was being hatched earlier in the week.

Late Thursday evening, Jackson Michie won an Endurance Challenge to become the new HOH. He breezed through the challenge and has taken over the power in the house. Jackson can now put part of his plan with Holly Allen in motion.

Who will Jackson Michie nominate for eviction?

Jackson was up really late with Holly, or maybe really early, as it was after 3 a.m. PT when they were still chatting. He proposed an idea that he wanted to put into action at the upcoming Nomination Ceremony.

The target that Jackson has in mind is Christie Murphy. Jackson has stated that he wants to let Christie know that she is the target and that if she is saved by the Power of Veto that Tommy Bracco is going up in her place.

As for who Jackson wants to put on the block next to Christie, the current plan is to go with Cliff Hogg. Jackson feels assured that Cliff won’t be voted out and that there are enough people to get Christie out at this point in the game.

In this scenario, the only way for Christie and Tommy to both survive would be for Tommy to win the POV and use it to take Christie off the block. That’s a bit down the road, though, as Jackson still has to make these nomination plans official.

At some point on Friday, Jackson will host the next Nomination Ceremony. That’s where he will reveal which two people are going on the block this week. For fans of the show who don’t read Big Brother spoilers, it could lead to a shocking moment during the Sunday night episode when Cliff is nominated again.

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