Big Brother recap: Season 21, Episode 39 from September 22

Christie Murphy Jury House
Christie Murphy enjoying herself in the Big Brother 21 jury house. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

The Big Brother recap for Season 21, Episode 39 comes from Sunday night on CBS. The September 22 episode picked up after the eviction of Cliff Hogg, which cemented the final three of summer 2019.

Nicole Anthony, Holly Allen, and Jackson Michie made it to the final three and it was time to take a look back at what happened this season. It was also time for the final three to celebrate, even if they weren’t all friends.

Each season, the final Sunday episode is used to recap the entire summer. The producers go back to the beginning, refreshing the minds of viewers on what took place during the first 90 days or so of the season.

Some of the items that were covered included the Six Shooters alliance forming, Cliff’s Angels, the bromance between Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie, and how some of the alliances fell apart along the way.

Big Brother recap: Season 21, Episode 39

Host Julie Chen Moonves presented a lot of the clips. A segment was spent on each of the final three houseguests and how they made it all the way to the end.

Some things viewers may have forgotten include Jackson in a showmance with Kathryn Dunn to begin the season, Kat and Holly having met outside of the house, and that the theme at the start of the season was Camp Comeback.

A segment also took place where Julie sat down with the final three from Big Brother 20. Kaycee Clark, Tyler Crispen, and JC Mounduix showed up to weigh in on the current season. Julie also stated that it was time for people to start applying to be a part of the Big Brother 22 cast next summer.

The BB20 trio was shocked that Jackson made it to the end. Tyler had predicted that David Alexander was going to win. They all agreed that Cliff had made a tragic move by trusting Jackson. In regard to predictions about a winner based on the final three, Nicole, Jackson, and Holly each got one vote.

HOH Competition Part 1

Jackson Michie won Part 1 of the final HOH Competition. He advanced straight to Part 3, leaving Holly Allen and Nicole Anthony to battle it out in Part 2. The second part of the HOH Competition will get recapped during the finale.

That brings an end to the Big Brother recap for Season 21, Episode 39. Only the season finale is left. That’s where Part 3 of the final HOH Competition will take place and the BB21 jury will vote on the summer 2019 winner. For readers who want to jump ahead, we already know the Part 2 winner who will face off against Jackson Michie.

Until the finale takes place, there is still time to vote for America’s Favorite Houseguest. You can use this link to read the voting procedures and get to the BB vote on the CBS portal.

Big Brother 21 season finale is Wednesday, September 25 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

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