Big Brother House Meeting: Nicole Anthony may regret footage CBS shows

Holly And Tommy On Block
Holly Allen and Tommy Bracco were on the block at a BB21 Eviction Ceremony. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

A Big Brother House Meeting set the tone for what would happen next. When Nicole Anthony looks back at the footage, she may regret the decision she made for herself and Cliff Hogg.

During Season 21, Episode 36 on Sunday night (September 15), CBS and show producers are going to reveal footage of what took place in the BB21 house during a pre-eviction fight.

On Thursday night, host Julie Chen Moonves hinted that a lot of chaos had taken place in the house right before the September 12 episode began on the East Coast. This was in addition to her revelation that Nicole and Cliff were still debating their votes.

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Nicole called the meeting because she couldn’t figure out who was telling the truth. She was getting stories from Tommy Bracco and Jackson Michie, but those stories were starting to be in contradiction.

Big Brother House Meeting: Tommy vs Jackson

Some brief footage of a huge verbal altercation between Tommy and Jackson was shown during Episode 35. Following that presentation, Julie stated that much more would be shown during Sunday night’s installment.

The fight was bad enough that Tommy was in tears during the quick scene, in the chair during the Eviction Ceremony, and almost during his bonus interview with Julie as well.

The end result of that Big Brother House Meeting was that Nicole and Cliff felt they could not trust Tommy. It was revealed that Jackson had lied to them about what was taking place. Now it is time for CBS viewers to see how everything went down.

Make sure to tune in for Big Brother Season 21, Episode 36 on Sunday night at 8/7c. There is a lot of ground to cover, including who won the HOH Competition.

But the focal point could be what happened before that eventful Eviction Ceremony last week. For readers who want to jump ahead, we also know who won the POV.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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