Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who won the Power of Veto competition?

Brett, Scottie, and Tyler at the counter in the Big Brother house
The Power of Veto could save Scottie this week — Pic Credit: CBS

Big Brother 20 is just a month away from ending. After plenty of ups and downs this season, viewers are ready to see how everything will turn out on finale night.

Week 10 saw Tyler win the Head of Household competition. It was the one where you have to stand on a disk while holding a rope and spinning. There was plenty of vomiting happening throughout the competition but Tyler was able to hold it together.

With Scottie back in the house after the jury battle back was played, shortly before the HoH began, it wasn’t shocking that he would be put back on the block. Of course, he is determined to make the best of the situation and take his second shot at the prize money seriously.

Tyler decided to nominate Scottie and Haleigh for eviction. This was safe for him this week, especially because he still needs Sam and JC to think he is playing with them. With the Power of Veto being played, there is a shot that he may need to use one of them as a pawn.

The Power of Veto competition was hosted by Brett. Angela became the only houseguest to watch as Sam, JC, and Kaycee were picked to play alongside Tyler, Scottie, and Haleigh. There is a lot riding on the PoV for the nominees and if they pull out the win, one of them is granted safety for another week.

As it turns out, Kaycee won the Power of Veto for week 10. The veto ceremony will happen Monday afternoon. Once that has happened, the nominations are locked in for Thursday’s live show.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday night at 8/7c and Thursday night at 9/8c on CBS