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Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who won Head of Household for week 7?

JC and Haleigh in bed in the Big Brother house
Haleigh won the Head of Household competition

Big Brother 20 officially begins week 7 now. As Bayleigh was sent off to become the first member of the jury, the other houseguests battled it out for a chance to be the new Head of Household.

At that point, everyone was eligible to win except for Angela as she was the week 6 reigning Head of Household.

There was a lot at stake for Haleigh, Rockstar, and Faysal. If one of the three doesn’t win, one of them will likely be joining the jury house next week.

The Head of Household competition was a two-person game. As they play against one another, they are eliminated one by one. JC and Sam were the first to face off, and JC moved forward.

The second round was Rockstar and Tyler against one another. With Tyler picking the wrong picture, Rockstar moved on by default.

Kaycee and Brett were in the third round together. Kaycee chose the wrong picture and Brett was put through by default.

Fessy and Haleigh were in the fourth round. Fessy was eliminated by default, keeping Haleigh alive for another shot.

Scottie and Brett played the fifth round. Brett chose the right answer, eliminating Scottie.

Haleigh and Rockstar played in the sixth round. Haleigh chose the right answer, leading her to play in the final round.

JC and Brett played round seven together. Brett chose the wrong answer, defaulting JC to go against Haleigh in the final round.

When JC and Haleigh went head to head, she buzzed in first with the correct answer.

Haleigh is officially the week 7 Head of Household on Big Brother 20. Julie Chen confirmed that another hacker will be unleashed, which could throw things into chaos once again. It will be the last hacker twist of the season.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c and Thursday night at 9/8c on CBS.

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