Big Brother 20 spoilers: Tyler and Angela take ‘Tangela’ to the next level

Tyler and Angela laying in the Head of Household bed
Tyler and Angela are getting really close. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 20 has a lot going on right now. Week 11 has just begun and there just seven houseguests left. With four of them in an alliance, the remaining three are in full survival mode.

Tyler Crispen has definitely made a name for himself while playing Big Brother 20. He is a competition beast and has a killer social game. In fact, Tyler is favored to win the grand prize at this point.

Angela Rummans has pretty much laid low for the most part. She has had some wins but her social game has been terrible. She has remained quiet and closed off, only really talking to and hanging out with her alliance.

A few weeks ago, Tyler and Angela began to really explore their feelings for one another. Both have admitted in the Big Brother diary room that they are attracted to each other. Now, they have been dubbed “Tangela” on social media.

During the first week in the house, Tyler was skeptical about Angela. She was excited to tell him she was also from Hilton Head, South Carolina but he was apprehensive about it because he didn’t want a target on his back or anyone believing they knew each other prior to the game.

Now, it looks like their showmance is public knowledge. Last night in the Big Brother house, Tangela had a full-blown makeout session. Of course, it was all done under the covers.

After Thursday’s eviction speech from Scottie, Angela complained to producers about slander. She is so concerned about what others who are watching are seeing but it looks like that was an afterthought last night.

It appears that both Tyler and Angela want to explore things outside of the Big Brother house. After spending months together locked in a house, they know each other pretty well. If they make it, they would be joining a few other couples who have gotten married after meeting in the Big Brother house.

Some of the other houseguests have really zoned in on Tangela. This could prove to be a problem moving forward, especially if Kaycee and Brett wise up about their chances of either Tyler or Angela bringing them to the final two.

Despite trying to stay out of a showmance and keeping his eyes on the prize, Tyler fell for Angela.

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