Big Brother 20 spoilers: JC Mounduix crosses the line again, production meets about it

JC Mounduix in the Big Brother kitchen
JC Mounduix is in the middle of two different incidents — Pic Credit: CBS

Big Brother 20 hasn’t been without controversy. The cast is diverse this year, bringing a lot of unintentional drama along with them. Social media has been buzzing and apparently, production has had meetings about incidents.

A few weeks back, Bayleigh Dayton and JC Mounduix were caught in a conversation about derogatory comments. She was using the word midget and he went and compared that word to n****r. Of course, she was offended and he repeated it several times during their back and forth.

At that point, production spoke with them both about not using those words again and that further usage would result in consequences. Now, Big Brother viewers are calling for production to follow through with their threat and do something.

Days ago, JC Mounduix was reportedly using the n-word again, this time giggling about it. According to the real Vegas account on Twitter, production met about it and decided not to pull JC from the game. This has sent outrage across social media, especially among feed viewers.

He is not only using terrible words, but he crossed the line with Tyler in the Head of Household room recently as well. JC Mounduix hasn’t been shy about his sexual orientation and when Tyler fell asleep, he was seen on the live feeds kissing his arm and stroking it.

Because Tyler didn’t complain directly to production, nothing was done. There was a meeting about JC Mounduix for that incident as well, but again, they chose not to pull him.

Haleigh did complain about him leaving the door in the shower open while she was in there. However, she reportedly did not want to get JC in trouble so her complaint wasn’t considered official.

With all of this drama, when the houseguests are released back into the real world, they are going to receive a mixed welcome. There are plenty of people upset about JC and his actions, especially when he used the n-word.

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