Big Brother 20 spoilers: JC Mounduix crosses the line again, production meets about it

Big Brother 20 hasn’t been without controversy. The cast is diverse this year, bringing a lot of unintentional drama along with them. Social media has been buzzing and apparently, production has had meetings about incidents. A few weeks back, Bayleigh Dayton and JC Mounduix were caught in a conversation about derogatory comments. She was using

Big Brother fans outraged over JC’s inappropriate conduct

Big Brother has been on the air for less than a week and there is already cries about sexual misconduct happening in the house. Prior to actually watching the show, fans did their research on the houseguests once they were announced. JC Monduix garnered plenty of attention from his “unique” YouTube videos. Speculation was that

JC Monduix on Big Brother 20: Everything you need to know

JC Monduix may be small but expect him to make a big impact on Big Brother 20. Standing just 4ft 8in tall, it’s safe to say that JC is the shortest person in the Big Brother house. JC has a bit of a showbiz history and that might give him a leg up on the