Big Brother fans outraged over JC’s inappropriate conduct

JC Monduix of Big Brother 20 accused of inappropriate behavior
JC has made some Big Brother viewers uncomfortable

Big Brother has been on the air for less than a week and there is already cries about sexual misconduct happening in the house.

Prior to actually watching the show, fans did their research on the houseguests once they were announced. JC Monduix garnered plenty of attention from his “unique” YouTube videos. Speculation was that he may be a problem in the house, and now, some fans are calling for his removal.

After fans watched JC on the live feeds, some began feeling uncomfortable. He was reportedly walking around with an ice cream scooper and attempting to cup other houseguests’ genitals.

Not only has this been discussed on several Big Brother forums, but TMZ also ran a story on JC Monduix and his reported behavior.

At this point, the Big Brother houseguests have not complained about JC Monduix. They are allegedly laughing it off at this point.

Though fans have pointed out that some of the females look uncomfortable when he is around. He has been incredibly open about the fact that he is gay, but that still hasn’t eased some viewers minds.

There have been plenty of tweets calling for the Big Brother executives to pull him from the house. Unless a complaint is made by a houseguest, JC Monduix will likely be able to stay in the game.

This sexual misconduct scandal is reminiscent of prior seasons. Last year, fans heavily focused on Josh Martinez peeking at the women (mostly Raven) in the shower. There were also some highly-sensitive comments about Kevin’s wife and daughters made by Jason.

Nothing is being dealt with at this point, but if it continues or another houseguest complains, it is likely that Big Brother could hand down a punishment or expulsion.

Big Brother 20 airs on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. 

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