JC Monduix on Big Brother 20: Everything you need to know

Who is JC Mondiux, Big Brother 20 cast member is first little person and also a former American Ninja Warrior contestant
JC Monduix talks to Ross Mathews for his Big Brother 20 cast interview

JC Monduix may be small but expect him to make a big impact on Big Brother 20. Standing just 4ft 8in tall, it’s safe to say that JC is the shortest person in the Big Brother house.

JC has a bit of a showbiz history and that might give him a leg up on the CBS competition. With a background as a professional dancer and a powerlifter, JC is in tip-top shape and that could give him an edge.

JC Monduix may be short but he's all heart as he gets ready to play Big Brother 20.
JC Monduix in his cast photo for Big Brother 20. Pic credit: CBS

Monduix was born in Cuba to Spanish parents but grew up in Miami. As a professional dancer, JC relocated to the West Coast and told Ross Mathews in his Big Brother 20 interview that he’s a local now, located in West Hollywood.

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JC mentioned his Miami roots when asked about his favorite Big Brother player of all time — BB19 winner Josh Martinez. JC said that Josh reminded him of home and that he “represents the kind of people I grew up with”.


Like many others, JC intends to use his social game in order to win Big Brother 20. He thinks that his small stature and lovability may help him to secure the big prize.

When asked if he’d rather win Big Brother 20 and be hated by everyone or be loved and lose, JC insisted that he plans to win and still have America love him. We’ll see how that works out for him.

Big Brother 20 premieres on Wednesday, June 27, at 8pm EST on CBS. 

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