Big Brother 20 spoilers: JC Monduix accused of harassment, BB20 viewers are upset

JC Monduix on Big Brother 20
JC Monduix has been called out by BB20 viewers for his recent antics in the Big Brother house

It seems that JC Monduix forgot about that warning he received earlier in the Big Brother 20 season. JC is known for being silly and playing around in the BB20 house but sometimes his pranks go too far, which is why some fans of the CBS hit are calling him out.

It all went down on the Big Brother live feeds on Tuesday night. Tyler and JC were hanging out in the same bed but Tyler wanted to go to sleep. He told JC that he didn’t want him in his bed but JC did not leave.

After Tyler went to sleep, JC can be seen touching and caressing his BB20 housemate. At one point, JC even leaned over and kissed Tyler, unbeknownst to him.

Ever since the incident, Big Brother viewers have been complaining on Twitter that JC has been highly inappropriate again. There’s even a petition to have JC kicked off the show that is starting to pick up some steam.

So far, CBS has not responded to comment about JC’s conduct while Tyler was sleeping. Removing him from the Big Brother house will cause issues for the show based on how many houseguests are left and how many more weeks are to be played but does that matter in times when someone’s behavior could put another houseguest at risk?

Some even complained that if Tyler was a woman, JC’s behavior would have had him removed from the house already. However, there was another recent incident where JC was holding the bathroom door open despite Haleigh’s pleas for him to shut it that has BB20 fans thinking that maybe JC is just favored by production, which is why they keep overlooking his behavior.

It turns out that Haleigh reportedly did complain about JC’s behavior, which has Big Brother producers in talks about what to do. However, Tyler has not complained about JC and without that, they probably won’t send him out the door.

Do you think JC Monduix should be removed from the Big Brother house after the latest late-night incident?

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