Big Brother 20 spoilers: Does Haleigh or Scottie head to jury?

Tyler talks strategy with Sam on Big Brother 20 -- Pic credit: CBS
Tyler talks strategy with Sam on Big Brother 20 — Pic credit: CBS

It’s been an interesting week on Big Brother 20. Faysal Shafaat was voted out of the BB20 house and sent to jury and in the battle back, Scottie won and walked back in.

Level 6 (now four) is still in charge and running things. In fact, Tyler was able to win Head of Household this week despite a bit of controversy about whether or not he was following the rules.

It wasn’t rocket science trying to figure out who Tyler might put on the block and it’s worth noting that he didn’t make a huge move this week either. Instead, he put up Haleigh and Scottie and made it clear that it’s Scottie who they plan on sending back to jury.

When it came to the Power of Veto, Level 6 was able to keep that in-house this week too. Kaycee managed to win her second PoV competition in a row and like last time, she opted to keep nominations the same.

Much of the BB20 live eviction episode was spent on Level 6 and Tyler’s budding showmance with Angela. Despite trying to keep their romance under wraps, JC has figured it all out.

To make matters worse for Tyler, JC keeps suggesting that they shake things up and put either Angela or Kaycee on the block. That doesn’t sit well with Tyler, who has been pretty loyal to his alliance despite making final two deals with many of them.

If only JC knew how many wished he would be escorted out of the Big Brother 20 house.

The highlight of the night was when BB16 winner Derrick Levasseur came to visit Julie Chen. The two discussed the end of BB20 and who might have the advantage.

Tyler, as HoH was not allowed to vote. Here’s are the BB20 votes this week:

Voting to evict Scottie are Brett, Kaycee, Sam, Angela, and JC. Scottie is sent back to the jury house by unanimous decision.

With that, Big Brother 20 headed to the Head of Household competition and with just seven people left in the BB20 house, each HoH win is important.

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