BB21 spoilers: Players picked for Holly Allen’s Veto Competition

BB21 Wall Final Eight
Memory Wall for final eight houseguests on Big Brother 21. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

BB21 spoilers from Saturday morning have revealed who is playing in the latest Veto Competition. Holly Allen is the Head of Household this week, but she has to deal with the Prank Week twist that was unleashed on the house.

On Friday, the Big Brother Prankster was revealed on the live feeds. It turned out to be Nick Maccarone, who was then able to name one of the nominees for eviction. This took away part of Holly’s HOH power.

Late Friday, the Nomination Ceremony was held, where Nick and Holly each had to put someone on the block. Holly put Nick up for eviction, while Nick anonymously nominated Christie Murphy.

Holly, Christie, and Nick would be joined by three more people for the Veto Competition. If Nick were to win, Holly would have to name a replacement nominee. If Christie wins, Nick gets to name her replacement.

Who was picked to play for the Power of Veto?

Nicole Anthony is hosting the Veto Competition and the players are Holly (HOH), Christie (nominee), Nick (nominee), Cliff Hogg, Jackson Michie, and Jessica Milagros.

Jackson was speaking with Christie and said that if he wins the POV, he is going to take Nick off the block. This caused Christie to start crying, to which he stated that he was just joking with her for Prank Week. But was he?

The six houseguests will take part in the Veto Competition a bit later on Saturday, with the Veto Ceremony on the schedule for Monday.

This is a big Veto Competition, especially since they are down to just eight members of the Big Brother 21 cast. The wrinkle of the Big Brother Prankster being involved should also make for some exciting television.

More BB21 spoilers will come out during the day, as the Power of Veto winner has a big decision to make. Holly and Jackson already discussed just keeping the nominations the same, but anything could happen based on who holds the POV.

There is also more time to continue the punishments that stem from this past HOH Competition.

Big Brother episodes air on CBS each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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