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Asta Young from Little Women: Dallas is a cosplay queen

Cosplay fan Asta as an Ewok from Star Wars. Pic: @astayoung/Instagram
Cosplay fan Asta as an Ewok from Star Wars. Pic: @astayoung/Instagram

Asta Young is one of the new stars of Little Women: Dallas — and despite being just 4ft 5in tall is a BIG-time player on the cosplay convention circuit.

Asta is also a painter, using the slogan “small artist, big ideas” on her website where she sells her prints.

And she loves pugs, as well as her average-sized husband Ty Goossen, a web and graphic designer.

But her real passion lies in dressing up. Here are some of her most amazing cosplay creations!

This first one’s pretty easy to identify. Yup, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider! She’s even got the pose — and the smoking guns.

Asta as the iconic Lara Croft from Tomb Raider
Asta as the iconic Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. Pic: @astayoung/Instagram

Sometimes Asta also likes do do cosplay with her pugs. Here’s one of her and one of them both dressed up as Ewoks from Star Wars.

Asta and one of her pugs, both dressed as Ewoks
Asta and one of her pugs, both dressed as Ewoks. Pic: @astayoung/Instagram

Yoda Asta is. Strong the force with her seems.

Asta as Yoda from Star Wars
Asta with a lightsaber as Yoda from Star Wars. Pic: @astayoung/Instagram

2016 was the year Pokemon came back with a vengeance thanks to Pokemon Go. And Asta didn’t miss a beat, dressing up as her favorite Pokemon — Squirtle!

Asta as Squirtle from Pokemon
Asta as the Squirtle Tiny Turtle from Pokemon. Pic: @astayoung/Instagram

Here she is as Tinkerbell — although a version that you wouldn’t want to mess with. Because as well, as a bag of Pixie Dust, she’s also armed to the hilt.

Asta as Tinker Bell
Asta as a military Tinker Bell. Pic: @astayoung/Instagram

Warcraft has so many good options for cosplay. Here’s Asta as half-orc half-draenei Garona Halforcen.

Asta as Garona from Warcraft
Asta as Garona from Warcraft. Pic: @astayoung/Instagram

League of Legends is another great source of characters. Here’s Omega Squad Teemo reporting for duty!

Asta as Omega Squad Teemo
Asta as Omega Squad Teemo from League of Legends. Pic: @astayoung/Instagram

Too right, Teemo!

Asta as Teemo
Asta as Teemo from League of Legends. Pic: @astayoung/Instagram

And another great League of Legends effort. Ziggs!

Asta as Ziggs
Asta as Ziggs from League of Legends. Pic: @astayoung/Instagram

Lastly, you don’t need us to tell you who this is. Now, let’s get out of here at lightspeed!

Asta as Chewbacca
Asta doing her best Chewbacca pose from Star Wars. Pic: @astayoung/Instagram

For more pics of Asta in cosplay — and with her pugs — check out her Instagram.

Little Women: Dallas airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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