Little Women: LA’s Jasmine has ‘tantrum’ in argument with Mika

Little Women: LA stars Jasmine Arteaga Sorge and Mika Winkler clash on this week’s episode — with Mika accusing Jasmine of having a “tantrum”. The argument comes about as Jasmine confronts Mika for the way she spoke to Tonya last week about her “Lil Boss Body” active-wear line. In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip, Jasmine tells

Andrea freaks out at Minnie over Amanda’s engagement on Little Women: Atlanta

Andrea Salinas freaks out at co-star Ashley “Minnie” Ross on Little Women: Atlanta tonight — for not telling her about sister Amanda’s surprise engagement so she could help pick out the ring. Minnie and Amanda’s fiance Jordan decided not to tell Andrea about his secret plan to pop the question as they were scared that

Little Women: LA’s Christy Gibel has ZERO sex with husband Todd

How much sex does Christy Gibel have with husband Todd? Her gesture says it all in this picture from this week’s Little Women: Couples Retreat — ZERO! The pair’s relationship takes center stage on this week’s episode of the Little Women: LA spin-off, where Christy has a lightbulb moment about how she’s killed the passion

Who is Lila Call from Little Women LA: Couples Retreat?

Lifetime’s hot, summer spinoff from Little Women LA: Couples Retreat is finally here and features a heavy dose of drama after a fight between Tonya Banks and Lila Call. For those who aren’t familar with Lila, here’s a little more about her… Lila was born in the US and as a young woman studied for

Who is Terra Jolé? Meet the Little Women: LA star

As Terra Jolé returns to our screens for Little Women: LA Season 6, we thought we’d look back at her career and all she’s achieved so far. For long-time Little Women fans, Terra will be a familiar face — but do you know everything about her past? Terra was raised in San Antonio, Texas, but

Asta Young from Little Women: Dallas is a cosplay queen

Asta Young is one of the new stars of Little Women: Dallas — and despite being just 4ft 5in tall is a BIG-time player on the cosplay convention circuit. Asta is also a painter, using the slogan “small artist, big ideas” on her website where she sells her prints. And she loves pugs, as well as her average-sized