Little Women: LA’s Christy Gibel has ZERO sex with husband Todd

Christy and Todd on Little Women: Couples Retreat
Christy with Todd as she makes a ‘zero’ sign on this week’s Little Women: Couples Retreat

How much sex does Christy Gibel have with husband Todd? Her gesture says it all in this picture from this week’s Little Women: Couples Retreat — ZERO!

The pair’s relationship takes center stage on this week’s episode of the Little Women: LA spin-off, where Christy has a lightbulb moment about how she’s killed the passion in her marriage.

When asked by relationship expert Hasani Pettiford asks her and Todd would rate their “level of intimacy”, Christy sticks out her tongue and makes a “big fat zero” shape with her hand.

It comes after a partner-swap between couples, which also results in Briana Renee’s husband Matt Grundhoffer trying to say sorry to the group after his clash with others at the retreat.

The episode, titled Busting Up, also includes an emotional conversation where Amanda Salinas asks her sister Andrea whether she will be moving back to Atlanta — and if their double-act the Tiny Twins is over.

And tears get shed when Andrea isn’t as straight-up as Amanda wants…

Little Women: Couples Retreat airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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