Andrea freaks out at Minnie over Amanda’s engagement on Little Women: Atlanta

Andrea Salinas on Little Women: Atlanta
Andrea loses it at Minnie on Little Women: Atlanta, saying she’d have chosen a “way better” ring

Andrea Salinas freaks out at co-star Ashley “Minnie” Ross on Little Women: Atlanta tonight — for not telling her about sister Amanda’s surprise engagement so she could help pick out the ring.

Minnie and Amanda’s fiance Jordan decided not to tell Andrea about his secret plan to pop the question as they were scared that she might let it slip.

But tonight Andrea has a meltdown at Minnie for not including her as part of the preparations, saying she would have chosen a “way better ring” and that she now wishes she hadn’t chosen to make Minnie godmother of her daughter Aubrey.

Watch our exclusive clip as Amanda tries to explain that she actually loves her ring and thinks it’s beautiful, telling her sister: “It doesn’t matter how big, little, whatever…Jordan did it out of his heart.”

But Andrea then flips, telling her: “If I got married, if Chris proposed to me, I know that you would want to be there!” She adds of Minnie: “She even chose Monie’s ring, and it looks way better than yours!”

But Amanda and the other ladies are stunned at what Andrea is saying. Amanda tells producers: “I can’t believe Andrea’s criticizing my ring. I asked her to let this go, but now she’s being mean.”

When Minnie tries to defend herself, Andrea tells her: “You could have done way f***ing better! I would’ve done way better.” Things then take a bitter turn when she yells at Minnie: “I shouldn’t have had you as godmother!”

The altercation ends up having catastrophic consequences for her and Minnie’s friendship. Watch the drama unfold below!

Little Women: Atlanta airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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