Arrow’s Stephen Amell thanks mystery guest star as filming on second episode of final season wraps

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow
Arrow star Stephen Amell posted a new video thanking key people following the wrap of filming on the final season’s second episode. Pic credit: The CW

Stephen Amell promised to share a video thanking key people at the end of filming of each episode of Arrow’s eighth and final season. True to his word, Amell took to Instagram celebrating the wrap of the season’s second episode.

In the video, Amell thanked an assortment of crew members. He once again singled out the set decoration department for recreating “something that hadn’t been seen on the show for several seasons.”

Amell’s most fascinating shout out went to a mystery guest star that the network hasn’t announced yet.

“I would really like to thank the guest star that I can’t talk about… They were wonderful, and they were very gracious to come back. And I thought that we shared some wonderful moments together.”

We already know that there will be a trio of guest stars from Arrow’s past in the final season’s premiere episode. Returning are Susanna Thompson (Moira Queen), Colin Donnell (Tommy Merlyn), and Josh Segarra (Adrian Chase/Prometheus).

The guest star for episode 2 is likely to be equally exciting.

Amell’s acknowledgment we will see settings that haven’t appeared on the show for a long time hints that we haven’t seen this guest star in quite some time.

The second episode of the season is titled “Welcome to Hong Kong.”

Hong Kong is where Oliver Queen ended up during the five years he was away from his home town of Star City. Maybe we’ll see one of the characters he interacted with during his time there.

Amell also said Arrow’s end is becoming increasingly apparent as the crew is packing the sets that won’t appear in the final season.

He joked that he doesn’t know where the packed sets go, but assumes “it’s one of those warehouses like at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Makes sense to us!

He also added he’d appear at the Television Critics Association summer press tour over the weekend. It was his first appearance there since Arrow’s first season.

Amell, clearly exhausted after a long week of filming, also added that he wasn’t exactly sure what he should wear. “I hate clothes,” he noted.

Arrow’s final season will air on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. The season premieres on October 15.

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