Amy Robach said TJ Holmes referred to her as his wife during previous trip

amy robach during gma3 episode on abc
Amy Robach previously appeared on GMA3. Pic credit: ABC

They’ve not announced a proposal, engagement, or marriage, but Amy Robach recently revealed that T.J. Holmes has called her his wife.

The former co-hosts of ABC’s GMA3, an afternoon extension of Good Morning America, have dated for two years.

In January 2023, the network terminated them after their secret relationship was publicly outed by media reports.

At the time of those reports, they each had spouses, but they’ve maintained they were separated and in the process of getting divorced.

Continuing gossip and headlines didn’t stop them from being in love and continuing their relationship.

In December 2023, the couple began sharing stories about their personal lives and other topics on iHeartRadio’s Amy and T.J. Podcast.

A recent episode featured Amy sharing an interesting aspect about T.J. that she said makes him an “amazing” boyfriend. She also shared that he might consider her his “wife” already.

Amy shared a funny reason why T.J. is an ‘amazing’ boyfriend for her

During their June 26 podcast, Amy and T.J. spoke about various topics, including their trip out of town. They described the experience as uncomfortable with the bungalow they stayed at, which was connected to a “main house.”

T.J. indicated they’d booked it with Vrbo, but it seemed to lack the expected privacy. He shared that when they showed up at the place, a family of five very close by could see them if they used the outdoor shower or hot tub.

They chose not to use those particular aspects of the bungalow.

The couple didn’t reveal where they went for their trip, but Amy mentioned how they made the best of their excursion by shopping at a Tanger outlet.

According to Amy, she often forgets that T.J. is a big fan of outlet malls and was surprised he wanted to go there during their trip.

“I was just actually thinking, ‘He’s not going to want to go.’ So I was like, ‘Nah,'” she shared, but T.J. asked if she was sure, and eventually they went.

When someone in the iHeartRadio podcasting studio laughed about it, T.J. asked why it was “weird.”

“It is an amazing thing to have a boyfriend who likes to shop at an outlet,” Amy gushed during their podcast.


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T.J. referred to Amy as his ‘wife’ during their trip

During part of the couple’s shopping trip, T.J. mentioned how they tried out clothes at a Rag & Bone store in separate dressing rooms.

He shared that a helpful salesperson assisted them by talking to them from the other side of the curtains.

“She was done with me finally. She said, ‘Ok, I’m gonna go check on your wife,'” T.J. recalled, adding, “I stick my head out. I didn’t correct her.”

He said that when they went to the checkout later, the woman said they were cute and asked if they were “boyfriend and girlfriend or a husband and wife.”

Amy revealed that T.J. told the salesperson “both” as his answer.

“I think they thought that we were husband and wife. And it was sweet that you were also saying I’m your girlfriend, too,” she said.

The couple previously addressed the possibility of marriage in a podcast episode, sharing that it was “on the table” for their relationship.

“I want to marry you, in part, because you’re 50 and I’m 46. And I’m very sick of introducing a 50-year-old woman as my girlfriend. That just sounds stupid,” T.J. revealed during the previous podcast.

They’ve also recently opened up about dealing with private “shame” during their divorces, and in their previous podcast, they suggested that since they’d each gone through two divorces, they weren’t rushing to the altar.

Amy and T.J. finalized divorces from their former spouses, Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig, last year. That leaves the door open for a third marriage, but only after T.J. pops the question.

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