Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts miss GMA episodes as co-star returns to work

michael strahan and robin roberts face shots from gma on abc
Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts were both absent for several GMA episodes. Pic credit: ABC

Good Morning America viewers haven’t seen regular co-anchors Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts at the desk for several episodes.

Various colleagues replaced the popular GMA stars in the recent installments of ABC’s morning program.

On Monday, George Stephanopoulos returned to the studio after being away for multiple episodes.

ABC News’s Gio Benitez and Rebecca Jarvis filled in for Michael and Robin, respectively.

Rebecca, who had replaced Robin for over a week, replaced Robin again on Tuesday, with Linsey Davis replacing Michael.

Robin’s absence came amid her trip away from New York City, while Michael’s arrived after he’d celebrated his daughter’s health milestone.

Robin continued her exciting trip away from NYC

Last week, viewers didn’t see Robin Roberts in the GMA studio in New York City because she had left the country for Portugal.

The longtime journalist and anchor vacationed in the country with her spouse, Amber Laign. However, GMA also asked her to leave several days earlier than she’d planned so they could film parts of her trip.

Throughout the week, Robin appeared in various segments on the morning program, spotlighting the people, places, food, and culture of Portugal.

She shared several behind-the-scenes videos from her trip on her official Instagram, including one below, featuring her Glam Fam stylists as Robin delivered her morning message and prayer.

On Tuesday, June 25, Robin shared an Instagram Story photo in which she and others posed outdoors with a boat behind them and beautiful green mountains in the distance.

“Thank you Captain Barbara for an incredible experience!” text across the photo said.

instagram story screenshot as robin roberts poses with friends in portugal
Robin Roberts poses with friends in Portugal. Pic credit: @robinrobertsgma/Instagram

Robin didn’t indicate in her recent social media posts when she’d return to NYC and the GMA studio for work.

Michael recently celebrated a significant milestone with his daughter’s health journey

Michael appeared in episodes of GMA last week, including one segment in which he jokingly warned guest Deion Sanders not to disgust the viewers during the morning program.

Ahead of his appearances on the show, he received love and support from various GMA colleagues and friends on Father’s Day as he celebrated his daughter’s health.

Isabella, 19, completed her third and final round of chemotherapy following last year’s medulloblastoma diagnosis and the removal of a malignant brain tumor.

With that, she is resting and preparing to return to the University of Southern California for college.

While Michael was absent from GMA on Monday, he shared a motivational video with his friends and followers about “milestones.”

“Stay engaged, stay focused, and conquer your Monday like a champ! Let’s speak milestones 💪 What are you aiming to achieve this week?⁠” his caption asked.

It’s unclear when and if he and Robin will return to Good Morning America this week, but viewers hope to see two of their favorite anchors back at the desk in NYC soon.

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Irma Grouchy
Irma Grouchy
15 days ago

I miss both of on the show! When will you be back!!❤️❤️