Amy Robach and TJ Holmes say marriage is ‘on the table’ for their relationship

abc co hosts amy robach and tj holmes
Amy Robach and TJ Holmes recently opened up about potentially getting married. Pic credit: ABC

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes could become husband and wife at some point in the future.

The former co-hosts of ABC’s GMA3 shared their thoughts about marriage on their recent podcast.

They’ve been dating since last year, and headlines emerged surrounding what was considered a scandalous affair as both were married at the time.

However, Robach and Holmes claimed on their podcast that they weren’t having an extramarital affair, as they were each amid divorce proceedings.

Their relationship has continued since their termination from ABC and the ensuing drama with headlines based on rumors.

The couple revealed that marriage is still “on the table” for their relationship plans.

Robach and Holmes considering marriage in the future

During the Tuesday, December 19 episode of the Amy & T.J. podcast, the couple answered fan questions about their relationship.

When asked whether they planned to get married, Amy Robach said, “It’s under consideration.”

“We did not enter this relationship for fun or for ‘Let’s see what happens.’ We entered this relationship because we intended on spending our lives together. So whether or not we have some sort of legal, you know, I don’t know, button on it,” she said on the podcast.

While Robach and Holmes still have that as an option for their future, Robach said they’re not “racing or rushing” towards it since they’ve each gone through two marriages now.

“But there is something, I get it, it’s this thing that I can’t even explain why there’s this desire, but I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I can say that. It’s on the table. It’s on the table,” Robach explained.

Holmes shared one big reason he wants to get married

While Robach said there is no rush, Holmes may want to pop the question for a significant reason he shared on the podcast.

“I want to marry you, in part, because you’re 50 and I’m 46. And I’m very sick of introducing a 50-year-old woman as my girlfriend. That just sounds stupid,” Holmes said, with Robach laughing about him pointing out the age difference.

“Everybody knows that! But you’re going to be 51 soon, and I’m going to be 46. When you were in high school, I was in elementary school,” Holmes explained.

Robach joked that Holmes “loves to point that out” whenever possible.

While the couple doesn’t seem likely to get married soon, one has to wonder if their exes might beat them to the altar.

An interesting side development arrived within the past month as it was revealed that Robach and Holmes’s former spouses, Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig, are now dating.

Based on the rumors, Shue and Fiebig bonded over their traumatic experience of being cheated on. While Robach and Holmes acknowledged the situation, they refused to address it too much on their podcast, referring to it as “toxic gossip.”

“We are committed to a place that this is not gonna be about gossip, this is not gonna be a place where we clap back at headlines,” Holmes said of their recently launched podcast.

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