Former GMA anchor Amy Robach throws shade at Robin Roberts following cheating scandal

amy robach face shot from 2021 abc gma episode
Amy Robach and TJ Holmes launched their podcast to talk about their headline-making story. Pic credit: ABC

Amy Robach has opened up for the first time since her and TJ Holmes’ cheating scandal, and she had plenty to say.

Robach and Holmes’ launched their new podcast on Tuesday, a year after they were removed from ABC’s on-air anchors.

The couple, who remained dating since then and as their divorces were settling, indicated they’d have “tea” in their first official public remarks since the ABC firing.

That tea included them discussing their story regarding their headline-making affair, which resulted in their termination by the network.

During the premiere episode, the former GMA3 co-host seemingly threw shade at a former ABC colleague.

Robin Roberts, who had been openly critical of her colleagues’ affair while they were both married, was among those whom Amy brought up.

Amy Robach said she learned who ‘real friends’ were

During the December 5 premiere episode of the Amy & T.J. Podcast, Robach and Holmes spoke about topics related to their affair, which came to light late last year.

In the early moments of their podcast’s premiere, they said it was the first time they talked to anyone about the situation besides each other in a year.

Robach said she was “nervous” about being in front of a microphone for the first time in 27 years.

“This is the first time we get to say what happened and where we are today,” Robach said, after indicating there were narratives about “what happened,” but now people would get their story.

She also called the launch date of their podcast “special” as one year ago, they’d been asked not to come into work, referring to their jobs co-hosting ABC’s GMA3.

“We have gone through, I think it’s fair to say, a year of hell, but we have had each other through it all and had a lot of support from our family, from a tight circle of friends, and we have hopefully gotten through the really tough stuff,” Robach also said.

As they discussed their story, Robach talked about the importance of the support they received from family and friends.

“You know who your friends are, and you definitely find out who your friends aren’t in these types of moments,” Robach said.

Robach shared that her close friend, ABC’s Sara Haines, was “checking in” on her amid the headline-making scandal.

She also praised her family for their support during such a difficult time in her career, saying her family was essential in helping her get through the days right after the news hit about her and Holmes’s situation.

However, during the podcast, Robach did not mention her former ABC colleague, Robin Roberts.

Roberts, a devout Presbyterian, regularly shares uplifting religious messages on social media, including one in May 2023 about not having a victim mentality or losing sleep over someone else’s actions.

According to The Sun, that May message arrived after Roberts’ rumored falling out with Amy Robach. The publication indicated that a source said Robach and Holmes’ ABC colleagues, Roberts and George Stephanopolous, were furious over the situation involving the affair.

“They prided themselves on not having a sex scandal like Today once did with Matt Lauer,” the source shared.

“They were so proud all their hosts were decent, married, and committed people.” 

Robach and Roberts bonded after live TV moment

In 2007, Roberts was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after a year of treatment, she was cancer-free. Her diagnosis and recovery led to an on-air moment six years later when she suggested that Robach get a mammogram while on live TV, and Robach took the advice.

Weeks after her examination in 2013, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. From that moment, Robach said she and Robin “instantly became sisters.”

However, that bond seemingly dissolved amid the drama surrounding Holmes and Robach’s affair from 2022 into 2023.

As Monsters and Critics reported in September, Robach wasn’t at Roberts’ wedding, with speculation arriving about the snub. A source indicated that the former GMA3 co-host was “furious” over the lack of an invite from her close friend.

“She and Robin were far more than work colleagues, they shared a deep friendship,” an inside source said.

“When their scandal came out, Robin could have gone to bat for them- she had the power to do that and they thought she would,” the source said, adding, “Robin had the power to save Amy and TJ, she is that powerful at ABC, and she didn’t.”

While those remarks are from an unknown source, Robach may have more to say about some of her ABC colleagues in future episodes unless she and Holmes decide to move on to other topics.

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7 months ago

I think it’s archaic what GMA did to you two. What you do and with whom is no more of my business than what RR does with her wife in the privacy of her own home.Such a sanctimonious hypocrite. This was, is, a family situation to work out. I’m sorry they chose to humiliate you. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

Paul j
Paul j
7 months ago

Rockin’ Robin she’s a traitor probably jealous too she should have stuck up for y’all but she threw you all up under the bus too busy brown noser

Patrick D. Kendall
Patrick D. Kendall
6 months ago
Reply to  Paul j

I don’t think it’s fair or accurate to call her a traitor for not siding with a person that,in that particular instance, went against her personal beliefs, whatever they may be… If she really expected her to turn her back on her beliefs to support their indiscretions, maybe she/they are the actual traitors… Ijs

Kate McCarty
Kate McCarty
7 months ago

Very illuminating; disappointed in Robin, who I think is a bit overrated